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Karpathos , Greece
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Port of Karpathos

The port of Karpathos in the webcam is located on the east coast of the island of Karpathos to the north of the southern tip in the bay of Pigadia.

Pigadia, or as it is called the Karpathos Port in the online camera, is one of the two harbors on the island of the same name, where yachts can moor to the pier in the online broadcast. The main area available for visiting small ships is located outside the breakwater in the web camera, it covers a shallow harbor with fishermen’s boats.

Pigadia in the live camera is the most inconvenient place to park in strong winds.


Karpathos, where the live broadcast is coming from, is an island in the Aegean Sea, in the Dodecanese archipelago. This is a real Greek island: harbors, vineyards, herds of sheep and goats, mysterious caves and wonderful beaches stretched along the southwest coast.

The largest city of the island is Pigadia, its capital, which is just shown in the live webcam.

Kira Panagia is another popular resort with magnificent beaches covered with white sand and surrounded by picturesque cliffs.

The most famous beach of the island, where the webcam is located, is Amopi.

Surfers go to the coast of Afiartis: there are excellent waves and beautiful nature. Also, Arkasa, located in the southwest, attracts wave catchers. Another place for surfers is Cape Leakey with three bays.

Divers go to the pebble beach of Achata. Also, Kira Panagia is famous for its rocky landscapes and impressively deep sea.

Agios Minas beach, located on the northern coast of Karpathos in this web camera, is a wild enough coast for lovers of secluded relaxation.

On the island in the online camera, there are many other noteworthy beaches, coves and miniature coves for every taste: noisy, calm, secluded.

Since the heyday of Karpathos in the webcam, like many other islands of the archipelago, fell on the period of classical Greece in the 5th-4th centuries. BC e, then on its territory you will find many interesting historical ancient monuments. The ruins of one of the largest cities of this period, Potideon, the symbol of Karpathos, have survived to this day.

The settlement of Arkasa is the oldest on the island, it keeps the remains of the Acropolis with the ruins of an ancient Christian temple of the 4th-6th centuries.

The cultural center of the island of Karpathos in the live broadcast is the village of Aperi, which in the past served as the capital of the archipelago. This picturesque village is a real picture of the old island Greece.

The village of Othos, located in the mountains, invites you to visit the folklore museum, where you can get acquainted with folk traditions and dine in a real authentic tavern.

Olympos is a magnificent open-air ethnographic museum. Locals here still wear traditional clothes, and artisans make leather goods by hand. As in the distant past, windmills are humming, and the houses are located close, close to each other.

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