Rhodes beach

Rhodes , Greece
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Rhodes Beach

The webcam shows the beach of Rhodes, which originates from Mandraki port and goes north to the cliffs. Since the live broadcast demonstrates a part of the beach area located closer to the port, the beach here is sandy. The farther from the port, the more pebble the coastal zone becomes. Besides the beach, in the online camera you also see a small stone pier, where you can often observe fishermen, and a boardwalk with a road. At the left there are residential buildings.

Rhodes beach, where the live stream is conducted from, is the most popular vacation spot for citizens in summer.

Since the port is located near the beach in this live camera, it is worth mentioning the interesting sea excursions along the coast of Rhodes that can be made from the harbor.


Rhodes, where the online camera is located, is one of the most famous Greek resorts with a rich history. The city is divided into the Old Town – its historical center with many attractions and located north modern quarters, including the port of Mandraki and the fashionable Elli Beach with a beautiful promenade. In a separate area, shuld be brought in the Acropolis on Mount Monte Smith, causing great interest. There are the stadium of the 2nd century BC. e., theatre, as well as the ruins of Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus and Apollo of Pythia. From the top of the hill there is a beautiful view of Rhodes and the sea.

Other sights of the city are: churches of St. George and Paraskeva-Friday, Catholic Church of the Virgin of Chora, Byzantine Trinity Church.

Tourists love to visit the famous Butterfly Valley with thousands of these beautiful insects living in natural conditions.

One of the most striking streets of Rhodes in the webcam, is Socrates Street, which leads to the Suleymaniye Mosque. There are markets on both sides of it. Along the street of Socrates there are Archbishop’s Palace, Commercial Tribunal, Sea Gate and Sea Horse fountain. The street goes along the luxurious Baths of Suleiman and the Sultan Mustafa Mosque. In the south, it heads to the narrow alleys that overlook Pythagoras Street with the old mosque of the city – the 16th-century Ibrahim Pasha Mosque. Very close to Socrates street there is another street – Fanourios with a small Orthodox church Agios Fanourios.

If you continue walking on The street of the Knights, at the end of it you will see the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. Nearby there are the Gate of Artillery of the 19th century.

In the city of Rhodes, whose beach you see online, there are many interesting museums. For example, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. It is located in the territory of the Hospital of the Knights, built in the 15th century, near the church of the Order of Saint John. In one of the halls of the museum there are a miniature chapel and gravestones of the knights. In the antique hall you can get acquainted with a large number of exhibits found throughout the island of Rhodes. Of greatest interest to tourists there are two statues of the 6th century BC, the funerary stela of the 5th century BC and the statues of two goddesses – Aphrodite and Venus. The museum also houses a large collection of antique vases.

Another no less significant museum in Rhodes showed in live footage, is Aquarium, founded in the 30s of the 20th century, which invites guests to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea. There are embalmed inhabitants of the underwater kingdom also.

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