Hales Market

Vilnius , Lithuania
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Hales Market

There’s no doubt that Vilnius you see in webcam, is one of the most beautiful cities of all the Baltic region. It’s largely due to the rich history of Lithuania, which has left its mark on the city’s architecture. The Old Town has a variety of architectural styles such as gothic, classicism, baroque and modern, which, surely, attracts a huge amount of tourists. One of these examples is the Hales Market, which can be seen on the webcam.

Having been opened in 1906 and constructed by a renowned Lithuanian architect Vaclav Mihnevich, it is still the biggest market in Vilnius and one of the most popular trade centers in the Old Town. Upon visiting the market in the live camera, one can purchase several kinds of smoked and fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and other food and everyday products.

After Hales market in online footage, has been renovated in 2006, 100 years after it had opened, it now takes up more space and looks more modern, while maintaining its initial look. Thanks to that, it is able to perfectly fit this colorful part of Vilnius and attract numerous visitors from Lithuania and other countries every year.

There is a monument to Taras Shevchenko behind the “Hales” market building, but it does not fall into the webcam lens. But in the background of the market in the online broadcast, you can see the towers of the churches of All Saints and St. Catherine – the main ones in Vilnius and all of Lithuania.

“Hales’ market in live camera is the oldest, largest, most interesting and richest of all food markets in Vilnius. Currently, the metropolitan market in the web camera is a modern trading platform that occupies 8.5 hectares in the very center of the old city. Most of the Hales area is a “glass box” that can significantly reduce the use of electricity.

On the ground floor of the “Hales” market in the online broadcast there is a gallery of small shops with clothes, household goods, shoes, which are not of high quality. Mostly they are goods from China. Despite this, most of the population of Vilnius purchase these inexpensive products, and tourists from Scandinavia enthusiastically buy clothes that are 6 times cheaper than in their homeland.

The floor occupied by products in the “Hales” market is a real gastronomic paradise, divided into several sectors:

– Vegetables and fruits (it is better to pay attention to those grown in Lithuania)

– Rows with meat (the quality of which is monitored by a strict veterinary service, although the owners of the shopping complex themselves also make sure that products that can ruin the reputation of the market in the online camera do not get on the shelves)

– dairy products (the best cheeses of local producers are on sale here, do not miss the opportunity to buy rustic sour cream, cottage cheese or butter)

– Delicacies (only here you will find real skilandis prepared according to old recipes).

Not only buyers come to the “Hales” market in the webcam. Those who want to get to know Lithuanian culture (mostly tourists) and the manner of trading, as well as feel the atmosphere of a traditional market, also drop in here.

The “Hales” market in the online camera is a real original landmark and historically important object of the capital of Lithuania, the city of Vilnius.

Vilnius live camera has captured some of the most beautiful and interesting sites such as the Vilnius Cathedral Square . The camera online view of the city center shows the hustle and bustle of modern life in this important Baltic city. HD Cam Vilnius captured the quintessential Baroque essence of Vilnius perfectly with its live web camera view from the Ramada Imperial. Vilnius is truly the crown jewel of Lithuania and indeed the whole of the Baltics.