Lviv Theatre of Opera

Lviv , Ukraine
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Lviv Theatre of Opera

The webcam is installed on the famous Lviv Theatre of Opera, the Lviv architectural pearl with an excellent overview to the Solomiya Krushelnytska Square in front of it.

The Lviv Theatre of Opera in our live broadcast has been operating since 1900 that was the reason for the Liberty Avenue redevelopment. So, there was a place for the square appeared in front of the opera house. As the result, this square took its honor place in the beautiful architectural view of Lviv.

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Lviv Theatre of Opera full name) for more than a century has received various cultural performances on its own stage.
The history of the Lviv Opera House began in 1885. After the decision to make the Poltva River to be underground, on the free place started to construct the opera house. According to the architects’ competition results, the winner was Zygmunt Gorgolewski. As a result, the Lviv Theatre of Opera became unique and got the status of the only theatre built on the river.

Construction work began in 1897, and the theatre in our webcam was opened on October 4, 1900. For the works on the building decorations were invited several famous masters of Lviv. The facade of the theatre and its interior are made in the “Viennese pseudorenissance” (a combination of Renaissance and Baroque) style.

There are 8 muses monuments above the central cornice with a high-relief “Joys and sufferings of life” composition. Upstairs, at the entrance there is Glory with the palm branch in her hands.

The interior of the Lviv Theatre of Opera with the live stream is perfectly combines gilding, colored marble, decorative paintings and a variety of sculptural compositions. There is an incredibly beautiful mirror room with paintings and candles. It is delimited by arches in 3 parts. Above the large mirrors there are pictures with operas and dramatic works scenes.

In the niches of the theatre there are honored playwrights and composers busts: Nikolai Lysenko, Mikhail Glinka, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and Semen Gulak-Artemovskiy. The second floor is occupied by Franz Joseph belonging items.

The four-tiered auditorium of the Lviv Theatre of Opera in the form of a lira can accommodate more than 1000 spectators. The scenery of the hall includes paintings, sculptures and amazing stucco.
All Opera House 3 balconies are a true art work. On the first balcony there are 12 mythological themes paintings, carved on a gray marble. There are atlantes located on the second balcony. The third balcony is decorated with the women and men statues.

Up to the scene there are the Glory Apotheosis, Genius and Angel sculptures and the ancient Lviv coat of arms. On the curtain “Parnassus” there are various ancient myths gods allegorical figures.

For the long Lviv Theatre of Opera history there were both Ukrainian and foreign artists’ performances on its stage. For example, it was the Lviv Opera first hosted the “Swan Lake” ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Nowadys, in the Lviv Theatre of Opera a revived Vienna Ball is held.

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