Pärnu Bucht – Blick vom Strand Hotel

Pärnu , Estland
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Along with such cities as Palanga, Narva-Joesuu and Jurmala, Parnu has become one of the most beloved recreation centers as early as the 19th century – the first guest houses and bathing complexes have been opened here as early as 1838, at the same time as Jurmala, which makes it one of the first resort towns of the Baltics.
The city remains to be the resort center of Estonia to this day: the number of the beach visitors constantly reaches more than tens of thousands of people every day. While on a trip along the coast of the Riga bay, which washes the shores of Parnu, one can spot dozens of cafes, volleyball fields, playgrounds, sand castles, as well as the infinite number of holiday-makers. However, if the weather has suddenly ruined the plans of the guests of the city, then there are plenty of SPA-centers to go. For instance, Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, from which the current broadcast is streamed.
Despite Parnu being the perfect city for those who love to lie in the sun and go for a swim, it is also a home for many various events, the biggest of which is the annual Weekend Festival that transform Parnu into Mecca for youth and music lovers.
Beautiful beach, spa-centers, a handful of events. Due to all of that, one can rightfully say that after visiting the city once, you will not regret it and come back again very soon.