Baia del Silenzio

Sestri Levante , Italia
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Sestri Levante

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Baia del Silenzio

There is the live broadcast perfectly demonstrating the picturesque bay “Baia del Silenzio” (“Bay of Silence”). This is a popular beach holiday destination for citizens and guests of the Italian city of Sestri Levante.


Sestri levante

The resort town of Sestri Levante is one of the most popular cities in the province of Liguria near the Mediterranean Sea. It successfully combines the architecture of past centuries and virgin nature.

Sestri – Levante, which bay you can see in our webcam, is a quiet, calm and cozy miniature provincial town. There are almost no nightlife here. There are restaurants, cafes, shops on every corner.

In the old town of Sestri Levante, there are many well preserved Middle Ages buildings. There are narrow streets and small squares. The most popular historic center object is Negrotto Cambiaso.
It is interesting to visit the Museum of Art with the works of Rubens and Raphael. There is the Marconi Museum in the old town, rebuilt from the city tower.

Not far from the museum mentioned above, there is a park with the oldest Romanesque church of San Nicolò dell’isola. The temple stands on a hill with a magnificent panorama of another famous bay, the “Bay of Tales” (Baia delle Favole). Our online webcam there is no this bay, but perfectly demonstrates another one – “Baia del Silenzio”.

In the old town there is another interesting church: the Basilica of Santa Maria di Nazareth of the 17th century. Other religious buildings in the city are the church of Santo Stefano del Ponte, the L’Immacolata Concezione cathedral and the Capuchin Convent, the San Pietro in Vincoli church, the Temple of San Antonio, the 15th century building – former Annunziata monastery and the Church of Christ.

On the central square of the city of Sestri – Levante – Piazza Giacomo Matteotti there is the Palazzo Durazzo-Pallavicini of the 17th century. The Palazzo Faschie Rossi currently houses a library. In the Palazzo Durazzo-Cattaneo Volta you can get acquainted with the ancient monuments of the saints.

Other places of interest are: Villa Brignole-Balbi with Italian garden, Villa Durazzo-Solari-Serlupi, Villa Sertorio, Villa Gualino, Villa Fieschi and Villa Pallavicini.

From Sestri Levante, which bay, “Baia del Silenzio” you can see in our webcam, it is convenient to visit the Cinque Terre National Park, protected by UNESCO. You can climb Mount Monte Castello and admire the panorama.
The region of Liguria, where the bay in our live broadcast is located, has a name “Ligurian Riviera”, because of the neighborhood with the popular French RivieraCote d’Azur.


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The climate in Sestri Levante is mild due to the sea and the mountains. Its is mostly sunny. In summer, an average temperature is about 28C. In winter, not below + 7C.

Weather forecast in Sestri Levante for 7 days is available on our website online.