Praia do Curral

Ilhabela , Brasiilia
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Praia do Curral

The beach do Curral or Praia do Curral in the online camera stretches for 400 meters, occupying a wide strip of sand in Ilhabela.

Praia do Curral in the webcam, is a great place not only for a relaxing holiday, but also an excellent observation point for sunsets. On the left side of the beach do Curral in the live broadcast stands Capela de Santa Cruz, which, unfortunately, does not fall into the lens of the online camera. There is an opportunity to climb the stairs to the chapel and enjoy the landscape in the belvedere.

Praia do Curral in online broadcast is located 9 km from the ferry pier going to the south of the island and about 15 km from the village. Approaching the coast in the web camera, you will pass several beaches, among them Praia Grande, the last one before Curral.


Ilhabela, where the live broadcast comes from, is the largest of the islands close to the city of San Sebastian. Washed by the waters of the Atlantic, it is covered with tropical thickets on the slopes of the mountains, pierced by mountain streams. The coastline of the island is indented by dozens of bays and highlighted by wide beach strips.

On weekends, the island in the live camera is a favorite vacation spot for citizens, and on weekdays, with the exception of the holiday season, its beaches are quite deserted, which you can watch online. Most of the forest area territorially belongs to the Ilhabela State Park and is protected by the state.

The forests of Ilhabela in the stream are inhabited by wild animals.

There are only two roads on the island where the webcam is located. The paved path runs along the entire west coast, which is fronted by the facades of most guest houses and adjoins the village of Pereque (with ferry service), San Pedro, Vila Ilhabela and Burrifus.

So, in Vila Ilhabela, traces of the colonial past are perfectly preserved. Portuguese buildings and the 16th century Cathedral of Nossa Senhora d’Ajuda adorn the avenue, and ancient cannons cast in the 18th century stand on the shore.

The second road is unpaved, it crosses the interior of the island in the online camera from Pereque, bypassing the park to windy beaches. You can get here only by SUVs.

The brightest beach is Baia di Castelhanos, which looks like a crescent moon. Here the sand changes its shade due to the slopes of the adjacent mountains covered with forest.

The town of Bonete, located 15 km south of the village of Burrifus, is the best place for surfing.

In the forests of Ilhabela, where the live broadcast comes from, there are many large and small waterfalls. You can get to them by overcoming many kilometers of mountain trails. The sound of the Cachoeira da Toca waterfall, cascading into a chain of lakes, can be heard on Pereque Beach. The Cachoeira da Agua Branca waterfall with a series of mountain reservoirs is even larger. This natural attraction is reached within an hour on foot along the trail, rising from the entrance to the State Park.

There are many shipwrecks off the coast of Ilhabela, which are of interest to explorers, scuba divers and divers.

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