Dam Square Panorama

Amsterdama , Holland

The Dam Square

The Dam Square is located just a few walks from the Amsterdam Central Station. It was built in 13 century, when a dam was built around the Amstel River to prevent city from floods. The Dam Square, which you can see on this live cam, is one of the most well-known locations in the city. It lies in the historical center of Amsterdam and stretches about 200 meters from west to east and 100 meters from north to south.

At the Dam Square you can find different kind of restaurants, shops and also Amsterdam Diamond center. There is always something going on at the Dam Square so expect a lot of entertainment and don’t forget to watch it live on this live cam. You can go on the colorful Ferris wheel, which is especially beautiful night time and you can watch it live on this live cam or also visit famous carnival which is held in spring. During the summer at the Dam Square you can see a lot of street performers and mimes, as well as you can see them online by watching this live stream.

What to see near the Dam Square

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Beside the Dam square is located the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. On the west from the square you can see the neoclassical Royal Palace, which was served as the city hall until 1808 and then it was converted into the residence. Also, on the opposite of the square is located the National Monument which is built for the victims of the World War II. Department store De Bijenkorf is also famous location of tourist’s and local people. The New Church often used for the important art exhibitions. An Old Stock Exchange building now is used as a concert hall and a place for the exhibitions.

Amsterdam can offer you a wide range of activities and attractions. But without a doubt, all of the attractions located in the Dam Square making it the jewel of the city.

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