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Willis Avenue Bridge

The Willis Avenue Bridge webcam in NY, USA is one of the first Baltic Live Cam web cameras to show the hustle and bustle of this famous world city. The New York live camera shows the Willis Avenue Bridge from the King’s Bridge NY Bronx web cam online. The Willis Avenue Bridge connects First Avenue in Manhattan with the Bronx with the Harlem River flowing calmly underneath its frenzy of traffic, as can be seen on the live footage from this HD webcam New York, USA.  The Willis Avenue Bridge is a swing bridge with four lanes as shown on the NY online footage. It also has two pedestrian lines for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge carries North-bound motor traffic as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic both ways.

Traffic on the Willis Avenue Bridge

At the right foot of the bridge on the cam online, Bronx NY, one can also see trains rushing by. The Willis Avenue Bridge carries the bus route Bx15 with approximately 20 000 passengers per weekday. Over 70 000 drivers use the bridge each day. NY web cameras show a lot of traffic coming and going and it’s easy to see that the Willis Avenue Bridge is indeed a very busy bridge as it is a toll-free alternative to Triborough / Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. This bridge shown on NY live cam is not just made for carrying traffic – The Willis Avenue Bridge is the 20 mile mark of the New York City marathon and the bridge was also made famous by Tom Wolfe’s 80’s best-selling book, Bonfire of the Vanities.

History of Willis Avenue Bridge

The bridge itself has a difficult history, although one would have to divert one’s attention from the NY web cameras to imagery of the imagination grasp it. Build in 1901 at a tremendous cost to the city, the bridge failed its safety inspection in 1941 and was consequently converted to a North-bound bridge (with Third Avenue Bridge carrying the South-bound traffic). The bridge fell into disrepair and in the mid-2000’s it was decided that maintenance costs was too high and that a new bridge had to be built. The new bridgem you see online, was constructed 10 miles south of Albany in Port of Coeymans. The finished bridge was shipped down the Hudson on July 13th 2010. The new bridge is 350 feet long, 65 feet high and 77 feet wide – quite a spectacle with three tugboats propelling it down the Hudson. It was towed up the East River on July 26th after a brief stay in Port Jersey. In October 2010, motor traffic was diverted to the new bridge which can now be seen on live camera, NY, USA

This NY webcam online view of the Willis Avenue Bridge on is not the only Baltic Live Cam online cam footage of the Big Apple. A panorama of the Bronx cityscape  can also be viewed in real time by NY web cam online. Baltic Live Cam also brings many other scenic spots across the globe to life with live web cameras online. Apart from NY webcam there is also Miami camera online showing off the city’s beautiful beaches – a sharp contrast to the Bronx live footage shown in the NY online cameras. Scenes from other parts of the word such as the Tel-Aviv beach front and the Tallinn Old Town in Estonia can also be seen online on Baltic Live Cam.