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Providence in the webcam is the capital and most populous city in the state of Rhode Island. It is located 80 km from Boston and occupies 7 hills at the place where the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket and Providence rivers merge at Narragansett Bay.

The first village on the territory of present-day Providence,where the online broadcast is conducted from, appeared under the leadership of Roger Williams, an exile from Massachusetts of belief in religious freedom. In 1636, an English Protestant purchased a piece of land from the Narrangasett Indians. At first, the city where the live camera is located was a place of refuge for religious dissidents of many Christian denominations.

It was difficult to cultivate the land and there were constant conflicts with the Indians, so Providence in the web camera developed rather slowly. Due to the high taxes imposed by the British authorities in the 1770s, the city had to join other colonies that did not recognize the metropolitan government. During the Revolutionary War, Providence, shown live, was not occupied by British troops. American hospitals and troops settled on its territory.

The war became the impetus for the development of the city’s economy. In particular, this was reflected in the industry of Providence in the webcam, namely, the textile industry, mechanical engineering, and jewelry manufacturing. This development attracted crowds of emigrants to the city. The population of Providence in live stream has grown rapidly. All this continued until the Great Depression of the 20s of the 20th century, when most enterprises were forced to cease to exist. After the Second World War, the situation did not improve: the economy was falling, people were leaving Providence.

The gradual revival of the city in the live cam took place in the 70s. The economy of Providence has shifted its focus towards service industries such as healthcare, education, and tourism. Today, this locality is one of the most remarkable cities in New England.

In Providence, where the live broadcast is conducted from, history and modernity are harmoniously combined. The city is divided into two parts. The historic part of Providence and the residence halls of Brown University are located on the east coast of the river. The city’s most famous landmarks are located along the Providence’s historic Benefit Street. There are more than a hundred houses of different architectural styles on this territory.

Providence Athenaeum, a library building in the Greek Revival style, can be safely attributed to the architectural gem of the city in this online camera. Of great interest is the First Baptist Church of America, built in 1774-75, with an interior decorated with carvings and amazing crystal chandeliers by Waterford.

Providence, shown online, is home to the seventh oldest college in the United States and Brown University, founded in 1764.

A popular attraction of the city in the webcam is the John Carter Brown Library with a chic collection of documents and books, as well as the John Hay Library with a first-class collection of memorabilia from the era of President Abraham Lincoln.

Of the architectural sights of Providence in the live feed of attention is the John Brown House built in 1786 and the state legislature of the U.S. state of Rhode Island building with a marble dome.

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