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Phoenix in the webcam is located in Arizona in the southwestern United States of America in the Salt River Valley (Sun Valley). The city in the online camera is located in the very center of the Sonoran Desert, on a large plain and surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges.

Phoenix, where the live stream comes from, is the capital and largest city of the state, and in terms of population, it ranks fifth in the country. In addition, the city in the web camera is one of the largest in the United States in terms of area.

Phoenix, where the live camera is located, was first mentioned in 1867. The city is home to a large number of institutions of higher learning, including the 1885 Arizona State University. It is the largest in the country.

The outskirts of Phoenix, where the online broadcast is conducted from, are still occupied by Indian reservations, as well as vast irrigated fields.

The visit to Phoenix, which you see in the live camera, is convenient to combine with one of the many events held in the city. For example, in February it is interesting to visit the Buffalo Soldiers Festival. In spring and summer, the city online organizes celebrations dedicated to rock, electronic and classical music, as well as performances by local theater groups.

What to do in Phoenix?

  • Take a walk in Encanto Park, which has large waterfowl ponds. Fishing is also possible here, there is also a picnic area, a golf course and entertainment for children.
  • Visit the Desert Botanical Garden, a delight for both children and adults. A variety of cacti grow here. There is a butterfly pavilion on the territory, as well as unique glass sculptures.
  • Take a look at the Museum of Musical Instruments with a huge exposition covering all continents and almost all countries of the world. Here you can also learn about world famous musicians. In addition, the museum has halls where everyone can try to play musical instruments and get acquainted with their sound.
  • Learn more about Native American history at the Heard Museum. In its premises there is a curious exposition of jewelry, clothing and artifacts from different Indian tribes. Every hour there are guided tours in the museum, which introduce them to their way of life, history and culture.
  • Take a walk around the giant shopping complex Metrocente (130,000 m2). It houses more than 120 shops, 12 cinemas, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and a food court.
  • Learn more about Arizona flora and fauna and meet animals from Africa and Asia at the largest 1962 US public zoo.
  • View dancing sculptures at the Herberger Theater Center. Every year, about 40 different performances, musicals and performances are held on its stage.


Phoenix, shown online, is considered one of the driest and hottest cities in the world. It is located in the arid climatic zone, characterized by high air temperatures and significant daily fluctuations. The hottest time in the city is from June to September, when the average daily temperature is around +30C, and during the day it often reaches +38C. The coolest months are December and November, when the air cools down to +17C. The most favorable period for a trip to Phoenix is March-April and October-November. Weather forecast in Phoenix for 7 days is available on our website online

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