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Vilnius – Pilies Street

Vilnius in the webcam, is the capital of Lithuania, one of the gems of the Baltics. It’s famous Pilies Street as shown in the HD Webcam Vilnius above is the oldest and one of the most beautiful streets in the Old Town. The Vilnius live cam footage shows pedestrians milling about on its cobblestone street lined with old street lanterns and beautiful old buildings in different colours. Street vendors sell art and souvenirs and many people head to Pilies Street for shopping. It is lined with outdoor restaurants with flowers in the window sills decorating the street in summer times.

Pilies Street is often the street where festivals and processions take place, celebrating all kinds of events like Easter or the Restoration of Independence. If there is something to be celebrated, you can know that it will be happening at Pilies Street online.

The history of Pilies street

Pilies Street you see in live camera, means Castle Street and this street caught on live web camera used to lead to the Castle of Vilnius. The traffic used to consist of kings’ carriages, papal legates and visiting envoys. It was one of the most prestigious areas in Vilnius where the wealthy noblemen and university professors used to live. The street online, was a swarm of markets and traders, especially at the Town Hall Square where the street ends.

Luckily Pilies street showed in live broadcast, survived the many fires that rampaged through Vilnius through the ages and maintains its authentic architectural style to this day. The street is characterized by a variety of architectural styles ranging from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The House of Signatories where the declaration of Independence was signed in 1918 is also situated in Pilies Street.

Top things to do in Vilnius besides Pilies Street

While browsing Pilies street in live stream, is an enjoyable experience, it is a rather short street and when visiting Lithuania you will want to see some more attractions. Some of the major attractions include the Palace of the Grand Dukes – a grand Baroque style palace with a long history of cycling construction and destruction. The statue of Mindaugas, Lithuania’s first Grand Duke, who ruled over Lithuania since at least 1236 according to ancient texts, is also an impressive sight to see. The Antakalnis Cemetery is one of the most beautiful places of burial in Eastern Europe and definitely worth a visit. The cemetery especially memorializes the civilians killed by the Soviet Special Forces during the so-called January events as well as the Napoleonic soldiers who died of starvation in Vilnius while retreating from Russia. The Vilnius University’s grand buildings are worth viewing when you’re visiting this beautiful Lithuanian city. The St John’s Church which forms part of the Vilnius University complex is captured by camera online from St John’s Street.

Baltic Live Cam brings many Vilnius scenes to life. A panorama from Crowne Plaza juxtaposes the old with the new. Cathedral Square shows the monumental Vilnius Cathedral. A lovely scene showing the house of the Lithuanian Philharmonic Society showcases the cultural significance of Vilnius. Baltic Live Cam also shows online fascinating scenes from other Baltic countries such as Estonia and Latvia.