Rail Crossing in Mierlo-Hout

Mierlo-Hout , Nīderlande
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Mierlo Hout

The Mierlo Hout railway crossing in the webcam is located in the city of Helmond in Netherlands and is a great place for trainspotting. Westbound trains go to Eindhoven, which takes 6 minutes, Eastbound trains move to the border crossing with Germany in the city of Venlo within 40 minutes. Both cargo and passenger trains often pass through Mierlo Hout in the online camera.

In the webcam at the Mierlo Hout railway crossing, in a live broadcast day and night, you can watch the movement of cargo and passenger trains to the east and west. Also, with the help of an online camera, you can get information about the current weather and traffic conditions in the area.


Helmond, where the live stream is from, is a city and community in the province of North Brabant, the Netherlands. Helmond in the online camera is the fifth most populated city in North Brabant.

The first mention of the Helmond settlement, where the web camera is located, dates back to 1179 in the bull of Pope Alexander III. In 1220, Henry I, Duke of Brabant, acquired the territory on which the city is currently located from the Earl Count William I, and in 1225 founded the city of Helmond here in an online camera.

Since the middle of the 15th century, the city in live broadcast has been attacked many times by the Dukes of Guelders. In 1543, Helmond repelled a siege commanded by Marten van Rossum.

During the Eighty Years’ War, the city, shown online, remained on the side of Spain, was taken and plundered twice by the troops of the independent Netherlands, and once by the Spanish.

Further, the republican troops repeatedly tried to capture Helmond, but it became part of the Netherlands under the 1648 treaty.

The city of Helmond, where the online broadcast is coming from, is known for such a striking landmark as Helmond Castle. This is a medieval fortress surrounded by a moat.

The construction of the citadel began in 1325 to replace an older castle located not far from the new one.

In 1549, there was a strong fire in the fortress, which significantly damaged its western wing. Later Helmond Castle was restored. In 1921, the last owner of the fortification gave it to the city on the condition that it be used for municipal needs. Since 1923, the castle has served as the town hall. Form the 70s of the 20th century, various kinds of celebrations and banquets, weddings and excursions have been organized here.

The citadel building is a square structure made of stone and brick, at its corners there are 4 towers with pointed spiers.


Helmond Castle is included in the national list of monuments of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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