Dolphins in UNEXSO

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stream provided by unexso


There is an interesting live stream on the swimming pool with dolphins, located in the center of UNEXSO, on Grand Bahama Island. As you can see well in the webcam tourists are allowed to touch the dolphins to establish a connection between them. After getting the recommendations, visitors enter into the water and begin to communicate with the dolphins in online camera.

In the swimming process there is an opportunity to feed the mammals, to communicate with them, as well as to watch the high dolphins jumps, which  webcam also shows in live mode. Sometimes it is possible to give some signals and then the dolphins start to listen.

Guests especially like to swim with the dolphins in webcam, touch them, hug or kiss, being with these beautiful creatures in an environment close to the natural. The total time spent in the water is about 5-7 minutes.

Also, in the UNEXSO center, where  webcam is located, you can use the photographer services during a session with dolphins and capture this unforgettable experience.

After swimming with the dolphins which you see online, guests can explore the poultry yard and the turtles enclosure.



In nature, there are approximately 40 species of dolphins. Some of them are well demonstrated in live camera. The closest relatives of dolphins are whales and sea cows.

Mostly dolphins in the web camera, live in salt waters, but there are freshwater mammals also. The length of adult dolphin body, which you can also see online, ranges from 1.2 m (river dolphin) to 9.5 m (killer whale). The weight, is approximately 40 kg for the river dolphin and 10 tons for the killer whale.

The largest organ of dolphins, clearly visible in the webcam, is the brain. While he is sleeping, part of its brain is always awake, that allows him not to drown. The dolphins’ survival depends on oxygen a lot.

Dolphins in online camera are distinguished by sharp eyesight, excellent hearing, but a weak sense of smell. These abilities allow them to navigate well in water, finding each other and food.

Dolphins, displayed in live camera, can develop tremendous speed in water for a long time. Surprisingly, dolphins are real surfers!

It is known that their body language similar to the human verbal communication elements. It has long been proven: communication between humans and dolphins favorably affects the first. In live webcam you can watch the moments of such communication.

The dolphin therapy is used for people and especially children rehabilitation and treatment (serious physical and mental diseases). Swimming with dolphins, shown in web cam, relieves chronic pain, enhances immunity, and even helps with speech development.

There is another interesting and absolutely unique feature of dolphins online: these smart mammals can “look inside” a person like an ultrasound device.

Also, dolphins in this webcam, are very friendly with other animals.


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