Elephants at San Diego Zoo

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Elephants at the San Diego Zoo

There is a curious live stream to the aviary with African elephants at the San Diego Safari Park. Most of the elephants that you see in the online camera were taken to San Diego from the Kruger National Park (South Africa).

The large enclosed area where elephants live, perfectly demonstrated in online live cam, is called Elephant Valley. Watching these big wild animals in the webcam is a pleasure. You can see in the live streaming camera how they play, communicate and take care of each other.


African elephants

African elephants, which you can see well in the online webcam, are gigantic earth mammals. African elephants are bigger than their “brothers” – Indian elephants.

In the past, these beautiful wild animals lived in Africa, but with a decrease of their population, now mainly found in national parks and nature reserves, such as the San Diego safari park in webcam.

An adult male African elephant, tah you see online, weighs about 5-7 tons. The female is slightly lighter – about 3 tons. The height of the elephant reaches 4 meters. Despite their gigantic size, the elephants move easily and hold well in the water. Watch in online camera how fast they run!

The most important elephants’ “tool” is their trunk that you can observe in live camera, which can be up to 2 meters long. This amazing “nose” helps to get food, carry heavy objects, and also provides the elephant with water and serves as a convenient “shower”. Besides, the elephant can grab and lift even small details with the very tip of the trunk.

The tusks are present in representatives of both sexes, being not just the pride of the elephants online, but also their assistants and protectors. With their help, giants dig the earth, destroy obstacles, break trees, peel the trees bark and, of course, serve as excellent weapons when danger arises.

These giants, which you see in web camera, have a well-developed intellect and excellent memory. They are able to get to know each other.

As you can see in  webcam, elephants have big ears that can reach 3 m. This ear size gives elephants a good hearing. Their vision, on the contrary, is very bad.

The skin of elephants in this live cam, is very thick and dry. There is practically no wool on it.

Elephants, shown online, are sleeping for only a few hours.

Elephants in the live broadcast, are vegetarians. During the day an adult animal can consume about 180 kilograms of plant food. Elephants drink about 100-150 liters per day.

These beautiful wild mammals live in groups and take big care of each other. Special attention is paid to babies. African elephant females, which you also can see in live camera, are carrying a baby for 22 months. Elephants are born once every four years. At birth, a little baby elephant weighs 100 kilograms. The female feeds the baby with her milk for 3 years. But already at the age of 6 months, he begins to eat plant food.

African elephants in the web camera, live for about 60-70 years.

African elephants online, are listed in the Red Book because of the verge of extinction.


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