Fox cubs

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Fox cubs

In this fascinating webcam you can meet fox cubs. The live broadcast with fox babies is conducted from the Wildlife Aid Foundation in the UK, engaged in the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, wounded and orphaned wild animals..

Each fox you see in the online camera has its own story, but they will grow together, and we will watch them in the online camera on the Baltic Live Cam website.


The foxes you see in the webcam are very beautiful mammals: they have magnificent tail, red fur coat, white breast, cute narrow-nosed muzzle with expressive brown eyes and slim and graceful body weighing only 6-10 kilograms.

In the north, foxes are fiery red and large, in the forest steppes they are yellowish-gray and miniature.

In summer, foxes shown in live stream have short fur, but long and thick fur grows close to winter.

This predatory and cunning animal is an excellent hunter with a phenomenal visual memory, acute sense of smell and hearing.

An active fox, you see in webcam, can easily climb a slightly tilted, low tree.

Foxes, shown online, are carnivorous. Their diet consists of more than 300 species of animals – from insects to large birds. The favorite food of red predators is rodents, which make up 80% of their menu. The fox is a great fisher! Being a typical predator, the fox eats berries, apples, and vegetables with pleasure.

Foxes, whose kids are shown by an online camera, are night animals and they hunt at twilight.

Fox in this webcam, needs burrows only during the offspring.

The foxes breeding season falls at the end of January – February, in the north also March. The male foxes are exemplary family men: they take care of the cubs and the female, bring food, and settle their homes.

Females carries the cubs for 51-53 days and gives birth to 4 to 12 foxes in one litter. Babies, also these you see in live camera, appear weak and helpless, they neither see nor hear. But, after 3 weeks, the foxes quickly gain excellent hearing and vision and begin to leave the hole. If the parents find that there was a person near their home, then the next day they will transfer their cubs to a spare hole. Young growths are playful and very mobile, for example, this can be seen in this webcam online!

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