Osprey nest

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Osprey Nest

The webcam perfectly demonstrates the nest of the Osprey online, a feathered predator listed in the Red Book. Osprey that you see online is one of the most beautiful and rare birds in the world. Their plumage has an individual appearance: dark at the top, almost white at the bottom. Also, there are dark stripes on the body.

The wingspan of an adult osprey that you can see in live camera, is about 1.5 – 1.7 meters. Paws of the feathered predators, which you can see well in  webcam, have spikes and claws, which allows them to grab and hold their prey easily.

Ospreys, which nest you see online, eat live fish. For example, a couple of these birds with a chicks, well shown in live cam, can consume up to 1 kilogram of fish per day. During the hunt, an osprey can dive to a depth of 1.5 meters.

Osprey build their nests near the water reservoirswith the aim to close to the food. This webcam is located near the lake in Estonia.

As can be clearly seen in the online stream, the nest is located on a high tree. Ospreys like inhabited areas, so they nest far from crowded areas.

The best place is large, raised pine bogs near large water reservoirs. Also, sometimes the feathered predator, which you can see in the webcam, lives in the moss bogs alternating with dried up ridges covered with old spruce forests, mixed forests or pine forests.

As it can be seen in the live camera, the osprey live in pairs. The nest, demonstrated in live broadcast, is created from large branches, collected by birds on the ground. Ospreys cover the nest’s bottom with moss, dry peat or plant roots. One osprey’s egg laying has two to three eggs, but there are also cases of 4 eggs. The shell color of osprey eggs is yellowish, the texture is dull and slightly grainy.

The egg laying season starts from the end of April – beginning of May, all the process is available in this online camera. Both parents sit on eggs one by one. When one of them is sitting, the other gets food. Chicks hatch at the period of 35-38 days.


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