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Red deer at the “Red Deer Center”

In this webcam you can meet the majestic red deer living in the “Red Deer Centre”, UK. In a live broadcast, sometimes they get close enough to the web camera, and then you can get a better look at them. Often, park workers feed deer directly in the online camera. Also, in a live stream you can catch the moment when zoo visitors communicate with deers, palm them and treat with something tasty. Do not miss the chance, watch the online camera!

Red deers in this live camera are endowed with beauty and grace. This type of wild animal is the owner of a slender body and long legs. The weight of males sometimes reaches 340 kg, the body length is about 2.5 m, and the height at the withers is 160 cm. In summer, the red deer in the online camera has a reddish-brown or brownish-brown color. The legs and belly are darker. In winter, this animal is painted in a grayish or brownish-yellow paint. Only males have horns.

Interestingly, the deer in the live stream run fast and swim great.

The diet of the red deer shown in the webcam includes herbaceous plant food (grass, foliage, fruits), and in winter it eats stems, bark, moss, lichens.

The life cycle of a red deer in an online broadcast in natural conditions is approximately 20 years. The main enemy of this mammal is the wolf.

The deer you see in the web camera live in herds. For some part of the year, the males are kept separate from the females. A group of 3-6 males is led by a leader – the most horned deer. The female herd, which includes deer under 3 years old, obeys an experienced doe.

The deers shown online have a roaring, hoarse, low and very drawling voice, similar to lowing. At the same time, the call of a strong and seasoned deer is hoarse and low, while that of a young and weak deer is high and pure.

The mating season of red deer in the online camera falls on August. Male and female herds meet under the deafening howl of males. Strong deers choose several females for themselves. In an attempt to get as many female representatives as possible, deer intimidate each other with menacing lowing and displaying antlers. It happens that deers in a live broadcast fight for the possession of a particular female. This is a very interesting sight: competitors stand on their hind legs, push off with their front legs and rush at each other from a run. Usually, such fights end with the defeated deer simply running away, leaving the females to the winner.

The red deers in this live cam meet the winter season in mixed herds: the male, his females and all the deer. Strong males protect their “wives” and offspring in the most difficult time of the year.

With the advent of spring, the males leave the females and join bachelor companies. In May, the females give birth to cubs. Basically, this is 1 deer, but occasionally 2 cubs are born. The coloration of babies has white spots on the fur, which disappear later, as they grow older. The mother is constantly nearby and feeds the deers with milk. The grown-up “children” live with the parent up to 3 years, and then the males join the male herd.

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