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Caesarea , Israel
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Caesarea Beach

In front of you in a live broadcast there is the clean sandy beach of the resort town of Caesarea in Israel. As you can see online, coastal water is regularly updated by the current. Outstanding sea breakwaters, also visible online, providing a calm and pleasant swimming.

The beach, clearly visible in live camera, is a popular surfing other active sports destinations. Look, you will definitely see surfers in a webcam!


Caesarea (Qeysarya), where  online camera is located, is an ancient Israel settlement on the Mediterranean coast, located north of ancient Caesarea Palestine ruins, 45 km north of Tel Aviv. Interestingly, during 5 centuries the city was the capital of the Roman province.

A modern town, which beach area is clearly visible in live stream camera, is a resort built up with villas and cottages among palm trees and olive trees. There are long, beautiful beaches, clear sea, and mild subtropical climate. Every year 500 thousand people come to Caesarea.

Caesarea, where the live stream comes from, keeps many historical monuments. For example, the National Park with unique archaeological finds. You can also see the Roman amphitheater and aqueduct of the 2nd century, giant statues of the Byzantine era, crusaders city remains of 12-13 centuries with massive walls, moat, bridge, watchtower ruins and Basilica of St. Paul.

Caesarea with online camera, it is proud of its diving center, as well as excellent golf courses.

Besides the antique monuments, Caesarea, whose beach is visible in a live broadcast, boasts an excellent tourist infrastructure. There are many luxury hotels, tourist resorts, many kilometers of sandy beaches, attractive restaurants, galleries and fashion boutiques concentrated at the Mediterranean Bay.

The port of Caesarea is not performs its direct functions only, but serves also as a venue for year-round festivals and other events.

Caesarea Beach, which shows webcam offers the beauty of its nature and diving. Besides, you can explore the underwater ruins in the archaeological park near the port.

Tourists love to travel outside the town in online camera. For example, it is nice to visit the Ramat Hanadiv Park, which is also called the “Rothschild Gardens” or go to Zichron Yaakov, one of the first Jewish cities famous for its restaurants and shops.

An interesting trip is waiting for you to the Dor HaBonim nature reserve with interesting routes passing through caves, grottoes and viewing platforms.

Also, in the city of Caesarea online, there is Rally Museum with a collection of paintings of Salvador Dali, South African art and other masterpieces.

In addition, there is first local Israel’s golf club of 1961 with an 18-hole course.


The climate in Caesarea with the live camera, is mild subtropical. The beach season lasts from late April to October. Weather forecast in Caesarea for 7 days is available on our website online.

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