Almog beach

Eilat , Israel
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Almog beach

The webcam shows the Almog Beach, located in Eilat, on the territory of a unique nature reserve. Nearby of the coastline in the live stream there are city center, Underwater Observatory, Dolphin Reef, 24-hour convenience store and popular restaurants. There is also a tent camp with showers, toilets, picnic tables near the Almog beach in the online camera.

Almog Beach, which you see on the web camera, is not the best place to swim in the Eilat area, but as an advantage, it offers excellent conditions for diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding and sailing.


Eilat, where the live broadcast takes place from, is a year-round resort by the Red Sea, famous for great diving, sunny days and comfortable relaxation.

The Eilat Red Sea coast in the online camera is an officially recognized nature reserve. Also, the reserve of the Eilat Mountains has excellent hiking trails with beautiful views, bypassing which it is convenient to get to the Red Canyon.

Beaches in Eilat, one of which you see online, occupy 12 km of coastline. The resort has two parts – the North Shore with sandy and pebble beaches and Coral Beach.

The most popular beach in the city where the webcam is located is Migdalor.

For those wishing to go snorkeling or scuba diving, it is preferable to choose the southern coast, where the northernmost coral reef in the world is located. There are two beaches here: Dolphin Reef and Coral Reef with paid admission.

Transparent warm water and a coral reef with a rich underwater world – that’s why divers from all over the world come here. But when diving into the water, you should be careful: most of the inhabitants of the Red Sea are very dangerous (sea urchins, poisonous snakes, fish and corals).

In addition to a beach holiday in Eilat, where there is a live broadcast from, there is something to see in terms of attractions. Thus, on the territory of the Coral Beach Nature Reserve there is an underwater observatory with a large-scale exhibition of the flora and fauna of the Red Sea and tropical animals of South America.

The observatory has a separate exhibition showing the nightlife of the Red Sea. Almost all representatives of the exhibition glow in the dark.

One of the most curious historical sights of Eilat with the beach in the web camera, is the Timna Valley (“King Solomon’s mine”). Copper mines existed on this site as early as the 10th century BC. NS. Today, many hiking trails run between the Pillars of Solomon, rock paintings, ancient mines and other archaeological finds.

Not far from the Timna Valley, 35 km from Eilat in an online live camera, there is the Yotvata HaiBar Nature Reserve  – the habitat of the revived populations of animals that once lived in Israel and are mentioned in the Bible. The main part of the reserve (12 m2) is inhabited by “peaceful” mammals. Isolated areas are occupied by predators and reptiles. There is a special area for studying nocturnal animals.


Eilat, where the live broadcast comes from, is dominated by a hot desert climate, the driest in Israel. In summer, the air temperature can reach +45 C. Despite this, the heat is rather easily tolerated due to dry air and wind. Winter in Eilat is warm and mild, precipitation is rare. The sea water temperature ranges from +20 in winter to +26 in summer.

Weather forecast in Eilat for 7 days is available on our website online.

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