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Tel Aviv , Israel
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Tel Aviv

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Tel-Aviv web camera online shows the magnificence of this Middle Eastern city. Tel-Aviv is well-known online, for its influence on the Israeli economy, its beaches, nightlife and cultural scene. It is often called the White City due to its UNESCO-listed Bauhaus era buildings.


Tel-Aviv with the webcam, was originally founded in 1909 as a Jewish neighborhood next to the ancient city of Jaffa. It was first called Ahuzat Bayit, but was later named Tel-Aviv which means “hill of spring”. Even though Tel-Aviv in the live camera, was originally a district of the latter city, its economic influence rapidly grew. During WW1 many Jews were expelled from Jaffa and Tel-Aviv by the Turks, but they returned after Britain received the mandate for Palestine.

During the unrest in Arab Jaffa in the 1920’s, many Jews moved to Tel-Aviv in the web camera, and the population of the city showed further growth as a result. In the late 1940’s Jewish forces captured Jaffa and declared independence.

Tel-Aviv you see in live footage, was a temporary capital of Israel after the proclamation of the country. The status of the capital was later shifted to Jerusalem after the historic city has been released from Jordanian rule. Many foreign countries still recognize Tel-Aviv in the online stream, as the capital of Israel and many diplomats can be found in this city.

Tel-Aviv today

Nowadays, Tel-Aviv truly in the web camera, is an economic and cultural center of Israel and the keeper of Hebrew culture. The city is home to many theaters, concert halls, museums, and galleries. The place of Jaffa is now a tourist and historical center, full of archaeological sites which continue to operate to this day, museums, as well as markets, restaurants and cafes.

It goes without saying, that Tel-Aviv online, is not only famous for its cultural value. Thanks to the gorgeous beach and a robust nightlife, the city is often called a non-stop city. Tel Aviv you see in live cam, is a cosmopolitan city with a modern and vibrant atmosphere. It is a culinary haven with many restaurants serving a variety of fares. The Tel-Aviv live cam footage above shows the Tel-Aviv skyline, beach and many yachts mooring in its piers, creating an image that appeals to relaxed sun seekers.

Things to do in Tel-Aviv

  • Tel Aviv’s Museum of Modern art truly shows the city’s cultural side. It is an ultra-modern building with an impressive art collection that is definitely worth a visit.
  • The Jaffa Old Town flea market is spread over a large grid of streets in a more gritty part of town. It is full of boutiques, cafes, and bars as well as street stalls selling vintage ware and antiques.
  • The Old City is situated on a hilltop with lovely vistas of the Mediterranean Sea from the HaPisgah Gardens. The St Peter’s Church is one of the key sites in this area.

The Tel-Aviv cam online also shows a view of the Tel-Aviv Marina. Tel-Aviv is but one of many beach scenes shown on Baltic Live HD webcam. The Miami beach can be viewed on live cam. Many of Latvia’s beach scenes are captured on HD webcams such as Majori Beach and the Jurmala Beach panorama. These along with many other Baltic sites are also visible with cameras online.