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Osh , Kyrgyzstan
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In this webcam you can see Osh – the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, the second largest city after Bishkek and one of the religious Muslim centers of Central Asia.

Osh in live camera gained popularity thanks to its mosques and Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain (Sulayman Rock, or Sulayman Throne) – one of the pilgrimage places for Central Asian Muslims and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city where the online broadcast comes from is located in a foothill oasis. In the 1950s, the remains of an ancient settlement of farmers of the Bronze Age were found on the southern slope of Sulaiman-Too Mountain online – direct evidence that the history of Osh goes back three millennia. But, the age of cities counts from the earliest mention in historical acts. So, the earliest mention of the city in the annals dates back to the 9th century. n. e. In the 10th century, Osh you see in live camera, was the third largest city in Fergana and the intersection of the caravan routes from India and China to Europe.

The most striking natural attraction of the city of Osh, where the webcam is located, is Sulaiman-Too Mount, which you see in this live stream in the background. It has 7 caves with their own names: Chaka-tamar, Tepeunkur, Chilten-khana, Teshik-tash, Ishen-Unkur, Rusha-Unkur, Eagle cave – the largest of the caves, which houses the cave complex of the Osh United Historical and Cultural MuseumReserve.

Other interesting sights of Osh in the online camera:

A house at the eastern end of the Sulaiman-Too Mountain, built in the 16th century.

Mosque Takht-i Sulaiman.

Ak-Burin fortress (10-12 centuries).

Osh State Academic Uzbek Music and Drama Theater named after Babur.

Local history museum in the cave of Sulaiman-Too mountain.

Local history complex “The Great Silk Road” on the Sulaiman-Too Mountain.

Medieval bath.

SurotTash rock.

Religious sights of Osh city:

Complex on Mount Sulaiman-Too (Takht-i Sulaiman – Sulayman Throne).

Shahid-Tepa Mosque.

Mosque “AchaMazar“.

Sadykbai Mosque.

Mausoleum of Asaf ibn Burkhiy (11-12 centuries).

The RawatAbdulla Khan mosque (17-18 centuries).

Mosque Muhammad Yusuf Baykhodji ugli (1909).

Michael the Archangel Church.

The largest mosque “Sulaiman-Too” (2012).


The climate of the city of Osh, which view is shown in the webcam, is continental and dry. The average temperature in January is about -2C, in July about + 25C. Weather forecast in Osh for 7 days is available on our website online.

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