Vilnius Panorama – View from Crowne Plaza

Vilnius , Lithuania
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Vilnius Crowne Plaza Panorama

Webcam shows The capital and the biggest city in Lithuania and the second biggest in the Baltics, Vilnius online, is the richest historical and cultural center not only in Lithuania but also in the whole Baltic region. It’s a vibrant, multicultural economic, political and cultural center in an alluring and lovely European Baroque setting.

This cosmopolitan city is showcased with the HD Webcam Vilnius panorama view from the Crowne Plaza. The view shows the Neris River you can see in live camera, snaking through the city and modern skyscrapers juxtaposed against older Baroque buildings. It’s a city of trees and greenery as shown in the Vilnius web camera online footage.

Through live web cameras, it is possible to see that the city itself mirrors its volatile history: there are many buildings from the Middle Ages, Barocco, and Classicism eras, which attracts a lot of tourists. The Old Town of Vilnius, like most other Old Towns of the Baltic States, is filled with magnificent churches and Cathedrals and even some structures from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


The city in the live broadcast, which was called Vilna until 1918, has been a part of the several different countries during its long history and was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Republic of Lithuania since its establishment in 1323. The city in online footage, was founded around the Old Trakai Castle, from where the Grand Duke of Lithuania has ruled his lands which in later included several territories of today’s Poland, Russia, Belorussia, and Ukraine.

During a tragic civil war, Vilnius in the web camera, was burned to the ground. It was eventually rebuilt and made into the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, along with the Polish Krakow. Since then, people of a huge variety of nations from all over the Commonwealth have moved to the city while searching for a better life. Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Yiddish, German, Latin, Yiddish and many other languages were echoing through the streets of Vilnius in the live stream.

After being almost razed by Russians and then by Swedes, it was included into the Russian Empire and became its third-largest city. Throughout, Vilnius with this webcam, kept its vibrant and cosmopolitan nature. In the following years, Vilnius online, remained separated from Lithuania, as it was annexed by Poland after the countries regained their independence after the World War I. It took more time before Lithuania became independent again and Vilnius became the capital of the state once again.

What to see in Vilnius

Vilnius that you see in web camera online,  is home to many stunning sites such as the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and the Antakalnis Cemetery among others. Vilnius live camera has captured some of the most beautiful and interesting sites such as the Vilnius Cathedral Square and the Hales Market. The camera online view of the city center shows the hustle and bustle of modern life in this important Baltic city. HD Cam Vilnius captured the quintessential Baroque essence of Vilnius perfectly with its live web camera view from the Ramada Imperial. Vilnius is truly the crown jewel of Lithuania and indeed the whole of the Baltics.