Tamariz beach

Estoril , Portugal
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Tamariz Beach

This moving webcam excellent demonstrates one of the largest and most popular beaches in EstorilTamariz Beach. Free entrance Tamariz beach, which you can see in the online camera, is a quiet and relaxing place with a gentle entry into the water and soft sand. On the beach you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas. Not far from Tamariz in live camera there are restaurants where you can have a great lunch and drink red sangria.

In live webcam, besides Tamariz Beach itself, the beautiful resort town of Estoril is clearly visible.

If you will stay in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, you can easily get to Tamariz Beach, which can be viewed online, by train.


Resort town of Estoril with Tamariz beach in online camera is a popular holiday destination with many beaches, old temples, restaurants and shops.  Of course, main attraction of Estoril is its sandy beaches, one of which – Tamariz you can see online. Besides Tamariz, there are other beaches like: San Pedro, Moitas and Carcavelos. All of them are well-equipped: there are shower, changing rooms, parking, equipment rental centers and restaurants. Some beach areas have casinos. By the way, the most popular casino is located on Tamariz Beach in live stream camera.

If it is too boring for you to have a beach rest, go to a restaurant, play volleyball, basketball or golf, ride a horse, rent a water scooter or a boat for fishing, visit one or several of the 8 water parks.

If you want to get acquainted to the history and culture of Estoril online, visit the famous Citadel of the city, which was rebuilt over many centuries. The last time the reconstruction was made in the 16th century. Now the fortress of Estoril is an excellent example of the Renaissance time. Also in the city there are other fortresses ruins.

In Estoril, which beach is in  online camera, there is an amazing natural landmark: a dark dip in the sheer rock – Boca do Inferno, i.e. “The Devil’s Mouth”. Particularly frightening, this unusual place looks in cloudy weather, terrifying visitors.

There are many temples, cathedrals and churches on the territory of Estoril in the live camera. They are all scattered around the city. The most popular of them is the church of St. Anthony, built in the 16th century. This temple was reconstructed several times after numerous fires and earthquakes.

There are also wonderful museums in Estoril you see in web camera. They are few, but all deserve attention. For example: the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, the Museum of Old Cars and the Maritime Museum.


In the city of Estoril online, it is mild and warm climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream flowing around the coast of Portugal. The beach season here lasts all year round. The summer air temperature is about + 30C, and the water warms up to + 20. Winter in Estoril is cooler, with a temperature of about + 15-20 C. Water during this period is not warmer than +12 C. Weather forecast in Estoril for 7 days is available on our website online.

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