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Klaipeda (Memel) , Litauen
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Melnrage is a residential suburb with beaches in Klaipeda. In Lithuanian Melnrage means Black Horn or Black Cape. The beach area of ​​Melnrage is located to the north of the center of Klaipeda, behind the port territory which is divided into two separate beaches: Melnrage l and Melnrage ll. It is divided by specially equipped beach meant for the physically handicapped people.

Melnrage l is well equipped for children. There are plenty of carousels and swings on the beach. The beach itself is wide enough and is famous for its dunes, which protect the coast from the wind. Melnrage l is popular among tourists and local people, so it is always crowded. Melnrage ll is located outside of the city of Klaipeda. The beach have a clean sand. However, because of its isolated location, mostly people come here on private vehicles. People here like to move on bicycles. Accordingly, you will find parking spaces for bicycles at every turn. Also, you will see a lot of villas by the sea – beautiful, well-groomed and drowning in flowers. In Melnrage is located the North Pier (the pier of Menlrage), which length is 733 m. An interesting thing happened in February 2007 on the coast near Melnrage. The Baltic Sea threw out a wooden ship of the XIX-XX century, which was up to 30 m long and 8 m wide.


Klaipeda is the largest city-port of Lithuania. It is located in western part of the country, where the Baltic Sea passes into the Couronian lagoon. There is a constantly running ferry in Klaipeda, carrying tourists to the Lithuanian part of the Couronian lagoon – the city of Neringa. There are three beaches on the northern part of the city, which were awarded with the „blue flag“, as they fully meet the standards of European Union. Each of them has a drinking water, toilets and other beach infrastructure facilities. Especially popular time of visiting Klaipeda is the last weekend of July. The city becomes very noisy and full of people. At the end of July the Sea Festival is held here. Sometimes the event is celebrated on August 1, which coincides with the birthday of the city. These days, many cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, as well as yacht racing and fishermen’s competitions are held. The holiday gathers about half a million participants. At the same time, you can see the sailing regatta.

Those who love shopping also will not be disappointed after visiting Klaipeda. Branded clothes and stylish accessories, variety of souvenirs and gifts from three main shopping streets (Taikos, Herkaus Manto, Tiltu). If the city’s fuss is not for you, you can visit the Botanical Garden, where grow more than 3 thousand species of various plants. Also, you can walk along the Seaside Park. For tourists there are guided tours with experienced guides that will allow you to admire the most picturesque corners of this protected area.

A walk through the old city of Klaipeda can be an interesting option: narrow streets, old houses with tiled roofs, thickets of grapes, flowerbeds with an abundance of flowers – looks like a fairy town. While passing by the winding streets, you can get to the central part of the old town of Klaipeda – Theater Square. There is located the fountain of Simon Daha and symbol of the city – sculpture of Aniki from the old Lithuanian songs. In Klaipeda you can combine walk in the open air with a gazing of fascinating sculptures. The main attraction and pride of Klaipeda are the Marine museum, Dolphinarium and Aquarium. They are located in the  Couronian Spit, where the ferry runs. Those who love art can visit the Museum of Clocks in Klaipeda, Ethnographic Museum, History Museum.

In the numerous restaurants and cafes of the city you can taste traditional Lithuanian and European cuisine, as well as wonderful varieties of local beer. Even the most choosy tourists will admit that holidays spent in Klaipeda were a right choice. Great service, neat beaches, a lot of day and night time entertainment, well-developed infrastructure allows you to spend a great time with kids, friends or disabled people. Klaipeda will not be boring even in a bad weather.


The climate here is mild, marine, characterized by highly variable weather, rainy, cool in summer and quite warm, misty during the winter. Swimming season, usually begins with the end of June and lasts only two months. During this period of time the water in the resort places warm up to + 18-20 ° C. However, if the summer is hot, then the swimming season can be extended until the end of September. Therefore, in order not to become a hostage to the vagaries of nature, before planning the vacation, it is necessary to clarify the weather for the close time. In general, the climate of Klaipeda is similar to weather conditions in Northern Germany and Southern Scandinavia.

Weather in Klaipeda for 7 days is available on our website.

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