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Vilnius , Lithuania
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Lithuanian National Philharmony

The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society you see in webcam, was established in 1940 as State Philharmonic of the Lithuanian SSR and after the collapse of the Soviet union became a designated national cultural institution. In the XVI century, before the Philharmonic showed in live camera, was established, there was an indoor market, which was partially demolished at the end of XIX century. Afterwards, the building was reconstructed and repurposed countless times. Over the years, the building was re-purposed countless times – it was used as a theater and concert hall, lecture hall and a governmental building.

Nowadays, the Philharmony in online camera, is the largest concert organisation in Lithuania, which holds the status of the national cultural institution since 1998. The Philharmonic Society demonstrated in live broadcast, acts as a main organizer of countless music events and concert cycles Vilnius, such as the Vilnius Festival, as well as outside Vilnius, including the Nakties Serenados (Night Serenades) in Palanga, and the Kuršių Nerija in Neringa. The Philharmonic Society online, works with the most renowned Lithuanian national musical collectives and orchestras. The building of the Philharmonic Society you see in live footage, is situated in the center of the Old Town, with the concerts usually held in the Concert Hall and Chamber Hall.

The architecture of the Philharmony online, blends eclectic style with elements of various other styles, touches of which were added during the renovations. Every evening, the building is illuminated with lights, which adds to the overall charm.

The main sights of Vilnius

The key sights of the capital of Lithuania, where the live broadcast is conducted from, are concentrated in the historical center of the city. Thus, the Užupis district is a colorful quarter in the very heart of Vilnius. This is one of the most visited tourist places and the abode of the creative intelligentsia. The district has its own constitution – the real set of rules of the Autonomous Republic of Užupis, invented and adopted by representatives of Bohemia. The main historical attraction of the quarter is the Church of St. Bartholomew.

Next to the “creative district” there is the Old Town of Vilnius, where the Philharmonic in this online camera is located. Important historical, architectural, cultural and religious sites have been preserved on its territory.

Gediminas‘ Castle Tower of the 13th century can be considered a symbol of Vilnius, where an online stream is conducted from. It stands on the Castle Hill, which is part of the complex of Vilna castles. It is conveniently reached by funicular, which is also a city landmark. In the neighborhood there is the National Museum of Lithuania with an extensive exposition, including: archaeological excavations, religious shrines, historical artifacts and other items.

The list of mandatory sightseeing in the capital of Lithuania, broadcasted online, includes the Brama Ostra (“Sharp Gate”) or Aušros Gate, built in the early 16th century to defend the city. At the end of the 17th century, a chapel appeared next to the gate, where the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy was kept. The church of St. Teresa, located within walking distance, has a close relationship with the gate. Currently, Sharp Gate is not only a historical and architectural monument, but also a place of pilgrimage for believers from all over the world.

Another interesting and important historical landmark of Vilnius in this web camera is the Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus and the Cathedral Square, which you can also see in the online camera on the Baltic Live Cam website. This is the most important Catholic Church in Lithuania, a place for organizing religious, national and state celebrations.

At a distance of 27 km from Vilnius in a live footage there is a very interesting attraction – Trakai Castle, which is also broadcasted online on the Baltic Live Cam website. This is the largest fortress in Lithuania. The citadel is located near the picturesque Galvė Lake. Trakai fortress, like the small town of Trakai itself, has a very interesting and eventful history, mainly due to its founder, Prince Vitovt.

Vilnius live camera has captured some of the most beautiful and interesting sites such as the Vilnius City Center. The camera online view of the city center shows the hustle and bustle of modern life in this important Baltic city.  Vilnius is truly the crown jewel of Lithuania and indeed the whole of the Baltics.