Jackson Hole Town Square – Wyoming

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Jackson Hole Town square – Wyoming

Jackson in the online camera is the administrative center of Teton County in Wyoming, USA. The city in this webcam is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.

For the millions of tourists visiting Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Elk National Wildlife Refuge, Teton is a major transit point. The history of the city of Jackson, where the live broadcast comes from, is directly connected with the Yellowstone National Park, on the way to which the city is located. The construction of Jackson, shown online, began at the end of the 19th century. The city was named after Edward Jackson, who invented the beaver trap.

Now it is a beautiful resort city, entirely focused on tourism. It is interesting that all the surroundings of the city of Jackson, which you see in the online live camera, have been turned into a western city to the delight of tourists. Here you will find cowboy saloons, shops, bars and other joys of the Wild West. There are ski resorts in the vicinity of the city.

Jackson Hole, which the webcam shows in front of you, has one of the steepest ski slopes on the continent and is nicknamed „American Switzerland“. The total area of ​​the resort in live broadcast is 1010 hectares, the height difference is 1260 meters, the thickness of the snow cover reaches 12 cm. There are 62 tracks in total. There are green, blue and black slopes equipped with gondola and chair lifts. Here you can go not only skiing, but also ice skating, snowmobiles, hot air balloons and even dog sledding. This is where the hiking trails to Yellowstone National Park begin.

Grand Taree ski resort is famous for its snowiest places. Thanks to its incredibly steep slopes, the Grand Taree in Wyoming in the USA is one of the favorite places for extreme skiing. Fans of this extreme sport often post photos of extreme descents on their web pages. At any time of the year, the surrounding mountains are very beautiful and hiking trails are very popular. Eco-tourism is especially popular here.

4 kilometers from the city in the Jackson Hole Valley, Wyoming, USA there is the National Museum of Wildlife Art (English National Museum of Wildlife Art; abbr. NMWA), where you can see the work of the realism direction, these are paintings and sculptures depicting wildlife. The museum received the status of „national“ during the reign of George Bush.

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