Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

Rehoboth Beach , Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Rehoboth Beach

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Rehoboth Beach

In front of your eyes, on this beautiful live camera, you can see one online of the Delaware’s most popular and visited resort towns. Rehoboth in the webcam, is famous for many things. For example, popular Kings Creek Club for golf lovers, which by the way is offering great view of the local scenery. Of course, this town is popular for its boardwalk, where you can walk, enjoy the sun and listen to the sound of waves. Watch it now online, can you see people enjoying the sea breeze? Sounds like a perfect day, isn’t it? If you will be tired of sun, beach and peace, you can go to the noisy part of the town where is located the entertainment park called Funland, which is just nearby the boardwalk.

Also, on the Rehoboth Avenue that also you can see in online footage, near the boardwalk is located The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, which serves as a free open air music venue during summer months, where performances have been held since 1963. The town also offers some famous festivals like Rehoboth Independent Film Festival, Sea Witch Festival and Rehoboth Beach Autumn Jazz Festival.

Rehoboth, where the live stream comes from, is very popular regional vacation destination. If you will watch it live now, you will see many people out there. Especially, during the beach season in summer, the population expands to over 25,000 within the city limits. Also, Rehoboth Beach in the web camera, is awarded with a 5 star rating for the water quality. Just to mention, this award was given only to 12 other locations out of the 30 states with coastline. The town is especially popular among visitors from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

A bit of history

The city of Rehoboth with this live cam, was founded by Robert W. Todd in 1873 as the Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association. It was renamed to Rehoboth Beach in 1893. The name Rehoboth – comes from Hebrew, which means “broad spaces”. Look at the live cam, can you see how broad the beach is? 

The town of Rehoboth Beach, where the live broadcast comes from, was influenced by the Victorian era, evolved throughout the 20th century and changed with times. Nowadays, it is both commercial and residential area, which despite its growth with years, have retained the charm that reflect Rehoboth Beach’s historic past.

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