Karlovy Vary panorama

Karlovy Vary , Čekija
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Karlovy Vary

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Karlovy Vary panorama

Karlovy Vary on live broadcast camera is the largest and most popular resort in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its mineral springs it has gained worldwide fame.

Tourist visit that place not to drink curative mineral water only, but also to get a healthy body and soul. Here there is a special atmosphere, which  webcam online demonstrates perfectly. The panorama of the city is magnificent!

The geyser colonnade Vřídelní kolonáda (Hot Spring Colonnade) is the most important sight of the Karlovy Vary in the web camera. There is the largest geyser spring in the city. Boiled water soars up 12 meters high and used for medicinal baths taking and for drink. Another famous colonnade of Karlovy Vary online, is Mill Colonnade, built in the 18th century. There are the features of the architecture of that century.

There are not mineral spring only have a curative influence in Karlovy Vary demonstrated in live footage. The air of the local forests has a truly healing effect – just walking in the forest is a course of treatment.

There are resort-houses and sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary with live stream. The resort houses offer a special treatment base with a bath. In sanatorium there is a comprehensive treatment: a course of drinking mineral water, taking baths, using carbon dioxide and mud treatment.

Funiculars are very popular in Karlovy Vary – the best way to explore the surroundings. There are two in the city, but one of them – „Diana”, due to the delightful views, is called as an important attraction of Karlovy Vary. Also, „Diana” has an observation deck and a nice restaurant at the foot.

Besides to mineral springs, Karlovy Vary you see in live stream, is proud of its symbol – the sculpture „Deer Jump„.

If you have enjoyed the beauty of local landscapes and have undergone a course of healing with mineral waters, Karlovy Vary Museum of Local History is the must visit place. There are the history of the city and its traditions are represented here. National costumes and household items are worth to see.

Talking about Karlovy Vary in live broadcast, Jan Becher Museum should be noted obligatory. The famous mysterious “Becherovka” drink was invented by Becher. The museum introduces the history of the drink and its characteristics. Guests are welcomes to taste the drink also.


What to do in Karlovy Vary:

  • Drink healing water from the source.
  • Taste “Becherovka”.
  • Get on the observation deck of the funicular „Diana” and enjoy the picturesque panorama of the city.
  • Have a dinner in a cozy restaurant with a grand piano and ask for the „Danube waltz”.
  • Buy the famous Czech SPA wafers.

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Karlovy Vary in online camera, is located in a zone of a temperate continental soft and warm climate. Summer – not hot at all, frequently rains. Winter is cold, but not snowing.

Weather forecast in Karlovy Vary for 7 days is available on our website online.