Aparthotel „5 House Borbirtok”

Somlószőlős , Vengrija
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Aparthotel „5 House Borbirtok”

The online live cam is located in the estate of the village of Somlószőlős in one of the oldest cities in Hungary – Veszprém. Apart-hotel „5 House Borbirtok” on web camera is on a mountain with a beautiful view of a quiet village. Some time ago the old houses were united among themselves and the countryside became a hotel – winery. This small wine making region is called the Shomlo (Somló).

Apart-hotel „5 House Borbiltok”, where live stream located, is the starting point for the wine route of St. Martin. There are always various events and weddings.

The region of Shomlo online, has volcanic soil and is known for its concentrated white wines, which are produced manually from grapes from the mountains: Furmint, Harshevel and Juhfark. On camera online these miniature wine plantations are clearly visible. The quantity of the finished product – wine, is rather limited. It can be tasted and bought only in this estate, as well as during the wine contests and events. Besides the wine in the estate, various local delicacies are prepared.

The uniqueness of the „5 House Borbrotok” apartments in the live broadcast, is that the guests are accommodated in small cottages, what webcam demonstrates perfectly. Look at how picturesque and cozy they are located. Each house has its own closed cellar. Till 20 people can stay here. The main pleasure for a guest is to enjoy comfort and wine! Tourists can cook themselves outdoors, invite friends and hold their events. The „5 House Borbiltok” aparthotel online, welcomes animal lovers: guests with pets do not pay extra for their living.

All the windows of the apartments overlook the beautiful landscape, you can also see it on the camera online, and looking up you can see in webcam the castle of Shomlo. It is interesting that it has its own walking route. It can accommodate up to 140 people, so it is great for conferences, weddings, big family events. The complex „5 House Borbirtok” in live footage, is located on 2.5 hectares on the northern slope of Shomlo just below the castle. It belongs to three families who hospitably receive their guests.


Wine making in Hungary

Hungary in the online camera, has been engaged in winemaking since ancient times: since the early Middle Ages, local wines have been highly valued in Europe. Almost in each wine region, grapes are grown both of local varieties and imported: Chardonnay, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, Merlot and Pinot Gris. Due to climatic and difference nature, the quality and variety of Hungarian wines are very different among the regions of the country. In Hungary, about 20 winemaking areas, capable of preserving their identity, compete with other winemakers.

In the west and south of the country grow – Pinot Gris, Gevurztraminera, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a unique local wine – Cserszegi Feseres. In Seskarde make one of the best red Hungarian wines – „Bull’s Blood”.


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The climate of Hungary online, is moderately continental. Winter in the region is cold, and summer is warm. Almost no wind. In summer the average temperature in Budapest’s capital is about 22 C, and in winter -1 C in January. Despite this, snow can lie from 30 to 40 days, and the Danube River often freezes for a long time. Spring and autumn in Hungary are quite long and warm.

Weather forecast in Hungary for 7 days is available on our website online.