Historic centre of Puebla

Puebla , Meksika

Historic center of Puebla

Puebla, which you can see on this live cam is one of the best preserved and oldest colonial city in Mexico. The city of Puebla was founded in 1531 and it was the first city which was founded by the Spanish conquers. During the colonial period it was the second important city in Mexico. It is located 100 km east of Mexico City not far from the Popocatepetl volcano. In city of Puebla lives more than 3 million people. It is also famous with its world’s largest Volkswagen factory.

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Probably, the church of Santo Domingo must be the number one thing to see in Puebla. Considered in its time to be one of the “eighth wonder of the world” this church is a great example of New Spanish Baroque. Colorful exterior of the church and famous Rosary chapel inside is a must see attraction in this city.

The other reason to visit Puebla is the delicious food. You can try famous Mole Pueblano, tinga poblana and other local treats. Without a doubt, Puebla has the greatest cuisine in America.

Puebla City is full of history, sites and historical buildings. It has many cultural heritages to see. Mexico chose this city to be in a group of World Heritage Site Since 1987 and this place truly deserved to be in it. By walking around the city you can feel the unique atmosphere full of elegant colonial buildings with bright and colorful facades. Probably, the best city for motivation and inspiration. Puebla also have a nickname “the city of the angels” which is connected with a legend.

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