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Trelleborg , Švedija
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The city of Trelleborg, which you can see on this HD live camera, is located in the southern part of picturesque Sweden. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, rich in cultural traditions and full of historical monuments – an ideal place for tourism. City in the webcam, is full of popular tourist attractions. For example, Smygdehuk lighthouse, Old Water tower, Viking Ring Castle, St. Nicholas church etc.. Large and important port of Trelleborg, which you can see online now, is located in this city. It is the second largest port in Sweden, where the live stream comes from, and is located between fertile plains and sea; surrounded by white sandy beaches, rich in cozy places and monuments of antiquity.

At the end of last century in the center of Trelleborg with the web camera, were conducted the excavations, which have found traces of the circular Viking fortress, which was called „Trelleborg”, namesake of the eponymous city you see now in this live footage. Now here is located the museum of Vikings, where you can see the ancient artifacts and models of brave warrior ships. Also, you can climb on the wall of the fortress, from where you can see a beautiful view of a small medieval village. You will see a lot of street performances during good weather: the Vikings bake bread, practice archery and throw an ax. Sometimes you can meet newlyweds who play a medieval wedding. Inside the museum there is a store where you can buy exact copies of objects found during excavations. For example, jewelry in the style of the Viking Age, souvenirs and books about Vikings. Summer time, you can sit in a cafe on the open terrace and admire the wonderful view of the fortress. During excavations in the Trelleborg area, fragments of buildings were discovered, thanks to which it was possible to recreate the architecture and life of the whole city, where the web cam is located. Here you can walk along narrow streets, take part in some master classes: learn how to spin or make coins.  Also, in summer volunteers from all over the world come here to share their culture peculiarities with guests. In the Handelsboden restaurant you can try a Viking-lunch. Foteviken (Viking Village) – is a popular corner of the region. It is an open-air archaeological museum and the only reconstructed city of the Vikings in the world.

Trelleborg , you can enjoy on web camera online, is a city visited by tourists and, of course, many ask the question „where to stay?” .  One of the most fascinating hotels in the city showed online –  Dannegorden (Hotell Dannegården), was built in 1910 and later was successfully converted into a boutique hotel in colonial style, with leather sofas and 19 century furniture. Keys are made in vintage style and in the backyard of the villa-hotel owners grow greenery for the kitchen in clay pots: cumin, mint, rosemary. You can also lie down in a hammock or play petanque game(throwing balls).

Southern Sweden

The south of Sweden, where the live broadcast comes from, is a great place for those who do not have time for a long trip, but there have a desire to see everything at once. Picturesque lakes and forests, nature reserves, parks and small medieval towns. There are more than 200 castles and manors, each with its own history. Majestic palaces, historical buildings, a wide variety of museums and monuments. You will not be bored here: a variety of activities, sandy beaches for swimming, fresh lakes and rivers for fishing. There are about five thousand lakes on the territory in the web camera, which are full of fish and also are suitable for swimming. Southern Sweden you see in live camera, is the richest agricultural region. It is famous for its magnificent farmer markets, local lamb, wild fowl and shellfish. This is the most densely populated region of Sweden in the online cam (almost 80 percent of the population). The city of Malmö is one of the three largest megalopolis in the country with this webcam.

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Climate in Sweden that you can admire in web camera, is very different. The northern, western and eastern regions are protected from the Atlantic winds by Scandinavian mountains, so winters here are colder and summers are short. The north of the country is partly outside of the Arctic Circle, that is why here is subarctic climate. In the south-west climatic conditions are mitigated by warm Atlantic winds. Winters are warmer here, summers longer yet rainy. 

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