Lions in Smithsonian national Zoo

Laukiniai gyvūnai online , LAUKINIAI GYVŪNAI
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Lions in the Smithsonian National Zoo

Welcome to this live broadcast with the aviary of lions in the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, USA. Watch these great predators online and you will catch of all the events of a large lions family.

Lions in the webcam are one of the largest and most dangerous feline family representatives. These wild animals have the most bright expressed sex differences, comparing with other mammals: male has a magnificent mane. Females do not have such a feature.

Nowadays, lions’ that you see in web camera, habitat has noticeably reduced: these beautiful predators live in Africa and India (mainly in national parks). Also in the USA there are nature reserves, for example, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, whose lions are shown by this live camera. In the wild, these big cats live in the savannah, among low shrubs.

Male lions usually weigh 180-200 kg, and their body length is 170-250 cm. The weight of the females is slightly less – 120-130 kg, the body reaches a length of 140-175 cm.

The color of the lions is basically the same as in this online camera: yellowish, but sometimes there are gray-beige and dark brown colors.

Lions, demonstrated online, are furious predators, and, of course, they have strong jaws equipped with fangs reaching 8 cm in length.

Big predatory cats, which the webcam is aimed at, live in prides resembling a large family. In such a family there is always one or more males and 5-6 females. Each pride has its own territory.

Lions, well shown in live broadcast, sleep up to 20 hours a day. The remaining 4 hours are for hunting, games, communication with each other.

The hunting period for lions, displayed in live camera, comes with darkness. Females usually to hunt, but the male is the first to eat the victim. The ration of lions includes almost all big and medium-sized mammals: buffalos, antelopes, zebras, warthogs, wild boars, deer and others. Hunting in a group, lions sometimes attack rhinos, hippos, giraffes, and even elephants.

Females reach puberty at the age of 4 years. The bearing of the cub lasts 4 months. From 1 to 4 babies are born at one litter. A caring mother reliably hides her babies, hunting near a secluded place. Lioness, shown online, lives with her offspring in a secluded place for 6-8 weeks, but then returns with them to the pride.

Male lions in this live camera, mature by the age of 3-4 and leave the pride.

In the wild, young and healthy lions almost do not have enemies, but sometimes there are fights with relatives. Old and sick lions often are attacked by hyenas and leopards. A real threat for lions mainly come from people and such a giant predator as the Nile crocodile. Recently, the population of savannah kings, unfortunately, has reduced. The reason of it is human activity, climate change, habitat reduction, and diseases.

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