Brickell Bay

Maiami , Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
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Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
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Brickell Bay

The Brickell area that you see in the live camera is located south of Miami Downtown, on the opposite bank of the Miami River and runs to 26th Street to the northwest, at the intersection between South Miami and Coconut Grove. The lack of space for construction in Brickell, shown in the webcam, has become the reason for the erecting of only high-rise buildings.

Brickell online fascinates with its height and architectural design, creating an impressive view that opens immediately from Brickell Avenue. In the webcam you can see the luxurious skyscrapers of the area.

Brickell in the online camera is very similar to Manhattan. And its financial district has been compared to Wall Street, as the banks and financial institutions of the entire county and South Florida are concentrated on its territory.

Brickell, where the live camera is located, is the gateway between North and South America. In the west of Brickell in the webcam there are residential areas and socially significant objects: schools, parks, recreation areas.

Brickell Key, where Brickell Bay is located, is the crown jewel of Biscayne Bay with stunning views of the bay.


Miami, where the live broadcast is coming from, is a city of skyscrapers and beaches. This is the main resort of the United States of America, located on the Atlantic coast in Florida.

Being in Miami in an online camera, it seems that you are in a huge supermarket with expensive hotels, beautiful beach areas, clear ocean, diverse architecture, an abundance of restaurants, bars, shopping centers.

Miami in the web camera is famous for its 30-kilometer beach, warm waters of the ocean, a quarter of skyscrapers, islands with villas of the richest people in the world.

Miami’s most famous resort area is Miami Beach, a view of which is also shown online on the Baltic Live Cam website. It is located on the islands along the east coast. In addition to excellent beach recreation opportunities, the area has restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines, hotels, nightclubs, and bars.

If your goal is shopping in Miami, then you will find the best on the pedestrian shopping street Lincoln Road, located in Miami Beach.

Another interesting street in Miami, where the online broadcast comes from, is Little Havana. There are establishments with national Cuban cuisine, the smell of cigars hovers, there are Cubans playing dominoes on the street.

Holidays in Miami in this webcam is a rich and interesting pastime with various types of entertainment for people, regardless of their age and preferences.

Baltic Live Cam does not only show the Miami, but shows in live footage of interesting places all over the world.  Cameras online show scenery from all over the Baltic nations from beach fronts to Old Towns.