Badger cubs

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Badger Cubs

In our unusual webcam, you can see the badger cubs growing up day by day. It is very interesting to watch them online. You can see in the live stream camera how they sleep, play, communicate with each other.

The webcam’s place changes periodically with the growth of babies: first, a small room is demonstrated, then the camera is installed in a more spacious aviary.

The live broadcast with badger cubs is conducted from the Wildlife Aid Foundation in the UK, engaged in the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, wounded and orphaned wild animals.



Badgers, whose offspring can be seen online, are a largest representative from the family of Mustelidae. The weight of an adult individual in the summer is 20-24 kg. Before winter it reaches 34 kg. The length of the badger’s strong body is approximately 90 cm. The hair of this wild animal in the web camera, is thick and long with undercoat. Its color is brown-gray with silver tint. But the muzzle is white with two black stripes. The badgers’ limbs are short and massive, with long claws (badger uses to tear up the soil). Tail length is about 20-24 centimeters.

Badgers, whose young babies are well shown in the online camera, have very developed hearing and smell. But their vison is poor.

Badgers, you see in webcam, can live in families, as also they can be lonely.

The habitat of the badgers whose babies are shown in live camera covers the whole territory of Europe except Finland and the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Also a slightly different kind of badgers can be found in Asia (Asian badger). Another species that lives in North America is known as American badger.

Badgers, which babies you can see online, live in forests full of bushes and grass. They built their homes in holes they prepare by themselves.

Badger is an omnivorous mammal.

Practically throughout all summer and part of the autumn period, mammals, which you can see in  online live camera, prepare for hibernation, acumulating fat. By the way, the badger is the only member of the Mustelidae family that falls into hibernation. Badgers, displayed in web camera, go into winter sleep late November – early December. In the northern countries even earlier. In countries with a warm climate, badgers, whose offspring are shown by a webcam, do not sleep in winter.

The breeding period for badgers begins in February and lasts until September. Females that bear babies for 270-450 days give birth only to them next year after meeting the male. Only 2-3 babies appear at a time. Sometimes happens more, but their number does not exceed 6 individuals. Look at our online stream, they are funny.

At the age of 3-3.5 months, they are beginning to get food. In the wild badgers live for about 5-6 years. In zoos – much longer, up to 10-12 years.

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