Eastern lowland gorilla

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Eastern lowland gorilla

This high-definition live stream shows the eastern lowland gorilla, also called the Grauer’s gorilla, in the forest of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The webcam is located at the territory of the “Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center” (or GRACE), the world’s only sanctuary for the eastern lowland gorilla, in the province of North Kivu.

Enjoy online viewing of Grauer’s gorillas, the largest primates in the world, in their natural habitat in Central Africa.

The eastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri), whose representatives you see in the webcam, lives in low-lying and mountainous subalpine forests in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in southwestern Uganda, Rwanda and in the area between the Lualaba River and Lakes Edward and Tanganyika.

As you can see in the live stream, the head of the eastern gorilla is large, chest is wide, legs are long, and the nose is flat with large nostrils. The fur of this wild animal in the web camera, is black, but mature males have a silver stripe on the back. Almost the entire body is covered with fur, excluding the face, chest, palms and feet. In old age, the fur of gorillas becomes grayish in color. An adult male weighs about 160 kg, there are giants weighing 220 kg, females weigh from 70 to 114 kg. The body length is approximately 185 cm in males and 150 cm in females.

The favorite habitat of the eastern lowland gorillas, which the live camera is aimed at, are forests with dense grassy litter. They eat roots, leaves, bark, wood, flowers, fruits and stems of plants. They can feed also invertebrates and mushrooms.

Like the western lowland gorillas, these great apes, displayed online, live in family groups: a dominant male, multiple females, and cubs. The number of individuals in a group of eastern gorillas reaches 35.

There is no specific breeding season for Grauer’s gorillas in this live stream. Females give birth to offspring once every 3-4 years. Bearing a cub lasts 8.5 months, after which one baby is born. After birth, the cub has a grayish-pink skin. He begins to crawl at the age of 9 weeks. Sexual maturity became at 10 years in females and at 15 years in males. The lifespan of eastern gorillas is 40-50 years.

Recently, the number of eastern lowland gorillas shown on the webcam has been declining sharply. Today, this subspecies has an area of ​​21,600 km2, which is 25% less than in 1969. Human activities have a significant impact on the decline in the eastern lowland gorilla population. This mammals is listed in the (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species with the status of “endangered”.

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