Flamingo in Marwell Zoo

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Flamingo in Marvell Zoo

In this webcam, you can watch the beautiful flamingos living in the Marvell Zoo from the Marwell Wildlife world famous charity organization.
The live streaming Marvell Wildlife Park is located in the Winchester countryside. It occupies 56 hectares. Besides flamingos, which you see in the online camera, hundreds of other animals live here. It is home to the endangered Amur tigers, snow leopards, white rhinos, giraffes, gibbons and penguins. In total, more than 140 species of wild animals live in Marvell.


The flamingos shown on this webcam are water birds of the flaming family with an average body length of 140 cm, a wingspan of 120-160 cm and a body weight of about 2-4.5 kg. Flamingos grow in height up to 90 – 150 cm. They have long legs, which can be clearly seen in live camera.

The color of these beautiful birds in web camera, varies from pink to burgundy.

Flamingos, well shown online, are omnivores. Bird food contains the natural beta-carotene pigment, which turns birds’ legs and feathers into pink. Often in zoos, like in Marvell Wildlife Park in this webcam, flamingos eat carrots containing the yellow-orange plant pigment beta-carotene. It adds yellow-orange tones to the color of birds.

The average lifespan of flamingos, where an online camera is aimed at, in the wild is 40 years. They live in zoos for about 60 years.

Wild birds, which aviary you see in online feed, live in areas with tropical and subtropical climates (Central Asia, Africa, South America, Caribbean, Southern Europe, India, and Kazakhstan).

Almost all flamingo species are sedentary. Only the Pink Flamingo online, which lives in the temperate zone, migrates.

Flamingos, that you see in webcam, live in large groups where couples are created for life.

Interestingly, the newborn chicks have gray color, and their legs are black. During the first years of life, the color of the flamingo changes to pink.
At 2.5 months, young flamingos mature and leave the parent nest.

Flamingo species

There are six types of flamingos in nature: Andean Flamingos, Red Flamingos, Lesser Flamingos, Pink Flamingos, James Flamingos, Chilean Flamingos.

In natural habitat flamingos have several enemies: birds of prey – eagles, falcons, kites. Wild animals are also dangerous for them: wolves, foxes, jackals.

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