Hula Nature Reserve

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Hula Reserve

The Hula Valley in the webcam is a nature reserve in the north of Israel. On the territory in the online broadcast there is a stop and rest place for migratory birds on the way from the north to Africa and back.

The Hula Natural Park, where the live broadcast is coming from, is basically a creation of human hands. Its key goal is the preservation and enhancement of natural resources. The name of the national park was given by the Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee. It is located north of Lake Kinneret.

From a specially equipped observation platform in the Hula Nature Reserve, shown in the webcam, you can see flamingos, storks, cormorants, sea eagles, pelicans, cranes close by – more than 200 species of birds stop here. In addition, muskrats, buffaloes, otters and other animals live in the reserve, and fish and turtles inhabit in the lake that you see in the live stream.

On the territory of the natural park in the online camera there is a museum, the exhibits of which tell about the history of the lake, the life of the first settlers, the flora and fauna of the reserve.

Previously, the Hula Valley shown in live camera was a wetland around a lake. The reservoir online appeared more than 25 thousand years ago, when lava flows from volcanoes blocked the flow of streams from the Golan Heights and the mountains of Lebanon. Over time, the depression filled with water.

Almost immediately after the declaration of independence of Israel, the government of the country decided to drain the swampy valley in order to cultivate the land. The total area of the territory affected by this process is 6 thousand hectares. The beginning of work fell on 1951 and immediately caused active opposition from the public and environmental scientists. A struggle began to preserve at least part of these territories in their original form. 1964 was a historic milestone. In Israel, the first natural reserve appeared – the Hula Valley in webcam. Under the territory for the protection of rare species of flora and fauna, 320 hectares were allocated. The focus of the staff of the national natural park is mainly birds, which you can watch online.

For visitors, the reserve in the web camera opened its doors only in 1978. Up to this point, complex engineering work and landscaping have been carried out. There were locks that maintain a stable water level, a pontoon bridge was erected, along which you can walk over the lake and wetlands. The employees of the reserve have equipped walking paths and a whole network of towers and viewing platforms from which it is convenient to watch birds in a live cam.

The Hula Valley, where the online camera is located, occupies a very important place in the global ecosystem. It is here that many species of migratory birds stop. Among more than two hundred species of birds that are found here, tourists will see: flamingos, cranes, cormorants, sea eagles, storks and others.

The reservoirs are inhabited by turtles, fish, otters and many species of animals whose life is connected with water.

A rich and varied excursion program is provided for guests of the reserve in a live broadcast with the opportunity to see unique species of animals, many of which live only here.

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