Nest of Griffon vulture

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Griffon Vulture’s Nest

In this exciting live stream you can see the nest of the griffon vulture located in the Nebrodi Mountains in the north of Sicily northwest of Etna. It is very interesting to watch the magnificent birds on the webcam.

Griffon vultures

The griffon vultures, which are shown online, belong to the vulture genus of the hawk family. These are typical orderlies, i.e. scavengers, they are easy to identify: there is no plumage on their heads.

The griffon vulture, whose nest is clearly visible in the web camera, is common in the arid mountain and lowland biotopes of Southern Europe, Asia, North Africa, and Western Europe. In Russia, vultures nest in the Caucasus Mountains and in the Black Sea regions.

The bird shown in the online camera lives in one place, only sometimes (outside the breeding season), it can fly away from its native habitat.

As seen in this live broadcast, the griffon vulture settles in dry, open areas with high ground, such as rocks, like in a live camera. It is easier for birds to take off from mountain peaks.

The vultures, where the online camera is aimed at, are a large representative of the genus of vultures, their body length is 110 cm, and their wingspan is 270 cm. The body color of vultures is mainly ocher-gray or clay-colored. Flight feathers are much darker: brownish-brown. The powerful, downward curved beak of the vulture has a grayish-white color.

Birds in online broadcast, take off mainly from high surfaces, since it is difficult for them to start flying from the ground. In this case, the birds have to scatter.

The diet of the vultures, whose dwelling is shown by this webcam, includes both carrion and fresh meat. An interesting fact: these birds never compete with each other, they calmly eat prey together.

As mentioned above, griffon vultures, showing off in the live footage, prefer to equip their nests on rocky cliffs along the banks of rivers, mountain ranges, woodlands, meadows and desert areas. As you can see in the online camera, the vulture’s nest is created on a rock ledge or in a cave. The building material for the nest is twigs and stems of branches.

The griffon vulture lives for about 40 years. The beginning of the breeding season for birds in the online stream falls in February-March. During this period, in the web camera, you can see a clutch consisting of a single large white egg with a coarse-grained shell.

The chick is mainly incubated by a female griffon vulture, and this can be observed in the webcam. The male only occasionally replaces her. The duration of waiting for offspring takes about 47-57 days. After birth, the baby is in the nest for 3-4 months. After this period, the grown and matured young vulture learns to fly.

Currently in Western Europe, the griffon vulture shown in this online camera is on the verge of extinction.

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