Squirrel feeder

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Squirrel feeder

This live HD webcam feed provided by Littlehouse Live Three shows a squirrel feeder from Prairie Village in Kansas, USA. In the online camera, you can watch nimble fluffy squirrels, raccoons, as well as various birds that come to taste the feed in the webcam!

Look, how funny squirrels eat, constantly appearing in the camera of the live broadcast.

Prairie Village, home to live streaming, is a small, charming tourist destination in the Kansas City metropolitan area, one of twenty cities in Johnson County, Kansas, United States of America.


Squirrels (Sciurus) that you see in the web camera online are mammals from the rodent order, the squirrel family. As the live camera shows, an ordinary squirrel has a long body, a very fluffy tail and long pointed ears, sometimes equipped with tassels. The legs of these rodents are tenacious and strong, with strong and sharp claws, which allows them to deftly climb trees. The size of an adult medium squirrel is about 20-31 cm.

Squirrel coat color changes with the season. In winter, the squirrel in this webcam, has a fluffy and dense coat of a bluish-gray color. In summer, the coat is shorter and reddish.

The squirrel family includes a large number of species, here are the most common ones:

Abert’s squirrel;

Persian or Caucasian squirrel;

Fiery Squirrel;

Common flying squirrel;

White squirrel;

Black squirrel;

Japanese squirrel;

Mouse squirrel;

Indian giant squirrel;

Common squirrel or veksha.

The squirrels you see online live on all continents except Australia, Madagascar, polar territories, southern South America and northwest Africa.

Spending most of their life in trees, squirrels you see in live camera, mainly feed on nuts, acorns, seeds of conifers. They also comsume mushrooms, as well as various grains. In addition to plant food, these dexterous little animals can eat beetles, frogs, lizards and even chicks. In the absence of food, squirrels feed on tree buds, lichens, berries, bark of young shoots, rhizomes and herbaceous plants.

Squirrel mating games in this webcam begin in the spring. The pair is formed for one season, during which the female can produce up to three litters. Squirrel mother equips a separate nest for her offspring. Her pregnancy lasts from 35 to 38 days. The number of cubs ranges from 1 to 10.

The squirrels feed on breast milk for up to 50 days. After 8-10 weeks, they become independent. Babies reach puberty in about a year.

Squirrel lifespan is up to 12 years, but only in captivity. In natural conditions, they live no more than 4 years.

In wild nature, the enemies of squirrels are martens, owls, sables, foxes and cats.

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