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The live webcam perfectly shows the beautiful fjord of Arnarfjörður, located in Iceland. As you can see well in live mode, this fjord is a quiet and tranquil natural object, a real treasure of the Vestfirðir region.

In the distant past, the active volcano Tjaldanes functioned in the territory of Arnarfjörður in the live cam. Now, there are two mountains formed from his remains – Kaldbakur and Tjaldanesfell.

There are almost no people living in Arnarfjörður with  webcam, except the small village of Hrafnseyri and the camp of road tunnel builders.

Near the rocky road, suitable only for all-wheel drive cars, there is the opportunity to get to the mountain lake, from which territory it is pleasant to enjoy the beautiful view of the fjord in online camera.

Arnarfjörður, clearly visible in the webcam, is a place that should definitely visit those who can not imagine their vacation without northern landscapes.


Vestfirðir, where Arnarfjörður that you see online is located, is a peninsula and north-west region of Iceland. All its coast “occupied” the most popular fjords of the country. Vestfirðir has almost 30% of the all Icelandic coastline. From the west and southwest the peninsula with the fjord in the online camera washes the Atlantic Ocean. In the northeast, there is Greenland Sea. In the southeast, the region has a border with Vesturland.

The administrative center of Vesturland is the city of Isafjordur, from where  live stream is also conducted.

Vestfirðir, part of which you see in the online camera, has 4 districts: Austur Barðastrandar, Vestur-Barðastrandar, Norður-Ísafjarðarsýsla and Stranda, as also two “free communities”: Bolungarvíkur and Ísafjarðarbær.

The whole coast of Vestfirðir, including the one shown by the webcam, is rich in a lot of beautiful fjords – important natural sights. Tourists are attracted not only by the fjords of the region, but also by original small fishing villages located in the wild. Thus, Vestfirðir is becoming an important tourist region of Iceland.

Besides the above-mentioned main city of the peninsula, Isafjordur, there is another important settlement in the region – Bolungarvik.  Another, Norðurland vestra region, is located east of Vestfirðir, and Vesturland is in the south.

The highlands of the beautiful fjords in Iceland, like Arnarfjörður in  online live camera, excite the imagination. Like gigantic blocks, they seem to burst from the sea depths and transform into sheer cliffs.


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