Solaro Mountain (Monte Solaro)

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Mount Solaro

In the webcam there is Mount Solaro, which rises 589 meters above sea level. Monte Solaro online is the highest point on the island of Capri in Italy. From its top, you can see not only the Faralioni cliffs and the center of Capri, but also the Sorrento Peninsula, which is on the Batic Live Cam website, as well as the Galli Islands and the entire Gulf of Naples. On cloudless days there is a chance to see the Gulf of Salerno.

On the way to Mount Salerno in the online live camera, travelers often visit the Church of Cetrella Hermitage. Also here lies the Cetrella Valley, covered with dense greenery. In addition, there is famous tiny church of Santa Maria, which served many centuries ago as the spiritual center of the Dominican and Franciscan monks. Along the path leading to the Temple of Cetrella, there are quaint slopes of Mount Capello, on one of which there is an iron cross visible from various viewing platforms in the vicinity of Anacapri, as well as the former home of the British writer Compton Mackenzie. Nowadays, the building, restored by local volunteers, belongs to the Center of Ignacio Serio.

After a stop in the center of Ignacio Serio, along the mule trail it is convenient to get to the city of Anacapri, where there is also an online broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website.

The island of Capri, where the webcam is located, is known for its magnificent resorts.

The best places to stay in Capri are the bay resorts of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola (part of the city of Capri). Ferries with tourists from Naples and the surrounding area come to the harbor of Marina Grande, to the right of the pier is the largest beach on the island, Marina Grand Beach, lined with luxury hotels.

Marina Piccola is famous for its “postcard” views: from here you can quickly get to the famous Faraglioni rocks and the Sirens cliff. Excellent fish and Italian restaurants treat travelers in the same part of Capri, where the online broadcast is conducted from. There are also lush gardens, named after Emperor Augustus.

It is pleasant to relax in the Marina Piccola resort not only in the summer, but also in the winter months – the harbor is closed from strong winds.

Capri in the webcam is the only non-volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples. It emerged from a gigantic limestone rock, which over time gave Capri its present relief.

There are several options for the origin of the name of the island where the online camera is located: from lat. Caprae – goat island, another version – from the Greek. Caprios is a wild pig. According to Homer’s Odyssey, it was here that the sirens lived, bewitching sailors with their singing and forcing them to turn ships onto deadly reefs.

The area of the island in the online live camera is approximately 10 km2. There are two main settlements on Capri – Capri and Anacapri, in which 15 thousand people live. The highest place on the island is Mount Solaro in the web camera.

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