Pedra Da Gavea

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Pedra da Gavea

The webcam is aimed at the main attraction of the Tijuca National Park in Rio de Janeiro – Pedra da Gavea Mountain. The top, which you see in the online camera, is a marble plateau located 840 meters above the level. Da Gavea is the largest monolith on the coastline in the world.

The huge rock, shown in the webcam, was discovered by Portuguese navigators, who gave it the name “Pedra da Gavea”, which means “harbor stone”.

Extreme tourists climb the mountain in this online camera to experience amazing emotions.

Live broadcast to Pedra da Gavea comes from another peak – Pedra Bonita, which is not the highest in the park, but it offers a picturesque view of the mountain in an online live camera and of the largest city in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro.

Both Pedra Bonita and Pedra da Gavea, shown online, are well known among hang gliders.

Tijuca National Park

The Tijuca Natural Park in Rio de Janeiro, where the live camera is located, is the world’s largest urban forest. The park is a forest with a natural boundary between western Rio and southern, central and northern, as well as between northern and southern.

Tijuca, on the territory of which Mount Pedra Da Gavea stands in this online broadcast, is a forest artificially created by a small handful of people, which, together with Mount Corcovado in 1961, received the status of a National Park.

The live streaming Tijuca Forest is home to hundreds of plant species and a large number of animals, most of which are typical only of the Atlantic forests.

There are about 30 natural waterfalls in the Tijuca National Park, where the mount Pedra da Gavea online is located.

In the protected forest, which territory is shown by the web camera, there are many attractions. For example, the famous colossus of Christ the Redeemer. Other points of interest in the park include the Cascatinha Falls, the small Meyrink chapel with paintings by Candido Portinari, the pagoda-shaped gazebo in Vista Chinesa with excellent views of the bay, the beautiful old Alcantara bridge and the large granite picnic table “Mesa do Imperador”.

Of course, the most impressive attraction of Tijuca is the rock of Gavea in this online camera, with its contours against the sky resembling a sail.

Currently, the territory of the Tijuca forest, where the live broadcast is coming from, is an excellent place for walking with alleys, benches, fountains, sculptures, lakes and other elements of park design. There are several restaurants on the territory where you can have a good time with a delicious lunch after a long walk in the national park.

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