Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve

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Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve

In this webcam from the Tagus Natural Reserve (Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo) you can get acquainted with a large natural park located not far from the capital of Portugal, the city of Lisbon.

The territory in the live camera is the largest wetland in Portugal. The park in the online broadcast is a resting place for various migratory birds during their long destinations, and some species of birds have made these places their permanent home throughout the year. For example, flamingos which you can see in the web camera, often fly here in autumn. But these are not the only wonderful guests of the Tagus Natural Park in the online camera. Other species of birds also live, feed and breed here.

On the bank of the river in Alcochete, which flows through the park in the online camera, you will see birds such as egrets and eagles. In addition, this area is a great place for walking and better exploring the south bank of the river.

The Tagus River itself, after which the reserve in live cam is named, starts its journey from its source in neighboring Spain, in Sierra de Albarracin, and flows to its mouth near Lisbon. The Tagus in live stream covers a distance of 1,100 km, making it the longest river to cross Portugal.

The vast estuary in front of the eastern zone of Lisbon was called “Mar da Paglia” (Sea of ​​Straw). The area in the online stream, classified as a natural reserve, is located north of Alcochete and is the largest wet zone in Portugal and one of the ten largest zones of its kind in Europe. The reserve in the online camera was created in order to protect the migratory waterfowl living here. During the migratory season, the estuary receives more than 120,000 birds, in particular black bullocks, which are concentrated in this zone, representing more than 20% of the population of the species in Western Europe.

The Tagus Nature Reserve extends to Vila Franca de Xira, in a swampy area where bulls and horses are raised for Portuguese bullfights. Other traditional activities that are now in decline have left traces of their presence, such as the salt baths at Samouco and the seaside watermills at Seixal, which have now been converted into eco-museums.

Tagus Natural Park in the webcam can be visited on foot, by bike or by car, following the suggested routes. You can also take a boat trip on one of the typical boats that used to cross the river carrying people and goods such as frigates and long narrow boats.

Natural parks and reserves in Portugal

Throughout the country where the live broadcast comes from, there are many territories with virgin nature, inhabited by a variety of species of animals and plants. A significant part of these regions, which are under protection in order to preserve their biological diversity, have been awarded the status of natural parks and reserves.

Of all their diversity, the Peneda-Gerês National Park stands out. This is the only natural park that has won the status of a National Park. It is located in the northeast of the country. Tourists are amazed by the delightful landscapes of mountains and lakes. Also there are such unique species of animals as: the wild Portuguese mountain horse “garrano” and the Castro-Laborean sheepdog (cão de Castro Laboreiro). In this area, just like in Montesinho Park, has been preserved a rural way of life with communal settlements, the inhabitants of which distribute duties and tools among themselves.

In another natural park in Portugal named “Alvão”, rivers flowing among high mountains with steep cliffs forming amazing waterfalls, such as “Fisgas de Ermelo”. To the east, the river creates a border with Spain, here is the Douro International Park with deep plains and gorges in which birds of prey nest. In the neighborhood there is another protected area – the Albufeira do Azibo lagoon with ideal conditions for bird watching and great relaxation on the river beaches.

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