Historic center of Haskovo

Haskovo , Bulgaria
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Historical center of Haskovo

In this online camera, you can see the central square and the 23-meter clock tower on the right in a live broadcast. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century as a symbol of the economic growth of the city. In 1913, the local authorities ordered to demolish the tower you see online, and in 2012 – to restore it. Three dials were installed on the tower in live camera, and the clock bell was made in the legendary “Whitechapel” British foundry (in the same place where the Big Ben bell and the Liberty Bell from Philadelphia were made).

Haskovo, where the live stream comes from, is one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria. Here traces of human life have been discovered dating back to the 5th millennium BC. E. Bulgarian Revival appeared in this region.

The unique location of the city in a hilly valley between the Eastern Rhodopes and Stara Planina attracted residents here. From here it was possible quickly to get from Europe to Asia Minor and the Middle East.

In Haskovo, where this live camera is located, there are many interesting architectural and historical sights. Haskovo is endowed with the unofficial title the Blessed Virgin Mary city, so it is logical that her monument stands here. The statue is 31 meters high is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. There is a mini-chapel in the pedestal.

Next to the Virgin Mary monument there is a 30-meter bell tower you can see in live stream, erected in 2010. Its summit is crowned with 8 bells. There is also an observation deck here.

The Historical Museum of Haskovo in the city online contains more than 120,000 samples of the cultural heritage of primitive, ancient and medieval times. Two glasses of the Trojan type of the 1st century BC stand out in particular and a valuable collection of antique and medieval coins preserves here. In addition, the museum has copper vessels, national costumes, textiles, jewelry, agricultural and handicraft implements, and folk art.

At a distance of 25 km from Haskovo, which center is shown online, near the village of Aleksandrovo, there is an ancient monument of Thracian culture – the tomb of Aleksandrovo, one of the largest in Bulgaria. The tomb has perfectly preserved wall paintings that give an idea of ​​Thracian religious rites, weapons and clothing. In 2009, the Museum of Thracian Art in the Eastern Rhodopes was opened near the tomb. An important place in his collection is occupied by 98 gold appliqués found in the northern part of Sakar Montain, created 6,000 years ago. An exact copy of the Alexander’s tomb is exhibited in the museum.


Haskovo in this webcam, located among the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. It is dominated by a temperate continental climate with Mediterranean features. Winter is mild, with temperatures around 0 C, while summer is hot with little rainfall. Weather forecast in Haskovo for 7 days is available on our website online.

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