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Primorsko , Bulgaria
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Primorsko North Beach

In online stream camera you can clearly see one of the most popular beaches in the Bulgarian resort of Primorsko – North Beach. As the webcam perfectly shows, the beach itself has a small recreation area, resembling a park, with benches for rest.

The area of the North Beach, where online camera is located, is much larger than the area of the South Beach of Primorsko. The sand is coarse, so the water near the shore is clean and clear. There are big waves on that beach appreciated by surfers.

As you can see online, the beach area is not so crowded. The reason is the location of the North Beach far from the residential area.


Resort town of Primorsko you see in live camera it is not only an endless territory of beautiful wide beaches, but also a real reserve with forests, rare plants, animals, amazing rocky formations (“Lion Head” and “Jolly Rock“) and a rich historical past.

Primorsko online has earned the title of bio-atmospheric reserve and ecological zone. Primorsko with the beach in online camera is located in southern Bulgaria, among the green slopes of the Strandzha Mountains. The resort is a part of the land serving in the sea. So, Primorsko is divided into two parts: South Beach and North Beach, which is visible in the webcam.

If the North Beach, where the live stream is from, is an excellent place for surfing, then South Beach, on the contrary, – a calm and quiet coast, protected from winds.

It is not easy to get to the South Beach. The beach is separated from the resort village by Devil’s Bay (Dyavolskiya zaliv) and the river of the same name. To reach the southern coast is possible on a suspension bridge only.

All the beach areas of Primorsko, where the online camera is, are awarded the Blue Flag.

The town of Primorsko in the live footage is rich in parks and avenues with broad-leaved trees, beeches, oaks and citrus trees. The resort with  webcam located next to the popular sightseeing place – “Ropotamo” nature reserve. There are rare plant species and amazing animals. Most of them are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

If you will have a trip to the bay near Maslen Nos cape, you can meet funny dolphins and funny seals.

There is another interesting protected nature place in Primorsko with the webcam – “Arkutino botanical garden”, divided into 3 biothematic zones: Snake Peninsula, Water Lilies and Sea Wormwood. In this reserve there is an amazing bog-lagoon with fresh water, inhabited by herons, swans and turtles. In such a wet swampy area there are rare cacti grow well. Also there are water lilies and water rose.

Besides the beautiful beaches, one of which is shown in  online camera, there are many interesting archaeological objects in Primorsko. For example, the Maslen Nos cape with the ruins of the ancient city of Ranuli and the perfectly preserved observatory-sanctuary Beglik Tash with an ancient solar calendar. Also there are: Apostol Tash altar, Church of St. Paraskeva, Vulchanovo Kale fortress ruins and Burhama fortress.

There are many kind of entertainment in Primorsko showed in live camera. Besides a large International Youth Center with a Culture House, stadium, summer theater, swimming pool, sports base, beach, cafe and post office, you can go diving, fly a hang glider, ride a scooter, catamaran, boat, and go parasailing. In addition, there is a football field, an athletics arena, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, and a billiard hall.

Small children will appreciate the Water Park, swimming pool, amusement park.

In the evenings, concerts and shows are held in the city.


The climate in the resort of Primorsko online is moderate. There are a large number of sunny days during the year. Summer is warm and not hot with air temperatures of +27 +29 degrees. The water in the Black Sea reaches +25 degrees. Winter is mild and cool. Weather forecast in Primorsko for 7 days is available on our website online.

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