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Varna , Bulgaria
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In this web camera there is the one of the central streets of the city of Varna, the largest and most charming resort in Bulgaria. Here are intertwined small streets, promenades and wonderful beaches.

In the city of Varna you see online there are 6 municipal beaches suitable for recreation with children with a calm sea and a gentle beach. The beaches of the city showed in live camera are wide and spacious with a well-developed infrastructure. Almost all of them are sandy, except for the beaches in the north of the city.

The most populous beach is Varna Central beach. There is never empty, even at night. Fans of outdoor activities prefer the South Beach of Varna. The Officer’s beach is an excellent place to improve your health, there is a swimming pool with hydrogen sulfide water here. By the way, there are many sanatoriums with mineral springs from the Lake Varna, the largest lake in Bulgaria.

Besides the beaches, Varna, in live broadcast, has an ancient architecture, museums, monuments, a large Сathedral.

The main religious architectural building in Varna with web camera is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. It was erected in the time of Bulgaria liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, the Cathedral is not just a holy temple, it is a symbol of the independence.

In the center of the city of Varna, which street is in  webcam, there is the most popular central pedestrian street – Prince Boris Boulevard. There are magnificent buildings in classicism and neo-Renaissance styles here.

Varna Archeological Museum is very interesting. There is exposition from ancient times to the 19th century represented here. In the Archaeological Museum there are a huge collection of the ancient gold wares, numbering several millennia.

Not far from Varna in live broadcast, a few kilometers away there is the Bulgarian kings’ summer residence – Evksinograd. The excursion program includes the luxurious rooms’ observation and wine tasting.

There is a unique natural beauty of Bulgaria – “Chudnite Skali” (Wonderful rocks) National park with the nature-created stone formations looking like an ancient fortress.

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In the city of Varna with  live broadcast there is a mild maritime climate. Summer lasts a long time and it does not get hot. The beach season starts in May and ends in October. Out of the swimming season, it is good to go with excursions or improve health in the sanatoriums. Spring is early, by the end of March it is already quite warm and sunny. The rainiest month is December. Winter comes in January, but there are no frosts at all.

Weather forecast in Varna for 7 days is available on our website online.