Central Memorial Park

Calgary , Canada
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Central Memorial Park

Calgary webcam shows Central Memorial Park, which you can see by live camera online. Central Memorial Park  is located in the center of Calgary in Canada and occupies the entire city block between 11 and 12 Avenue SW. It’s total area is 18,900 square meters. The landscape design of the park, created in 1889, is executed in the Victorian style. There is situated a monument dedicated to the Boer War – a statue of R. L. Boyle. The monument, you can see online, doesn’t have a name on it, because the statue represents a tribute to all of the citizens who fought during the World War II. The date of the war is carved on the pedestal: 1899-1902. By the monument in web camera is located  the cenotaph (symbolic grave). On the south side of it is written “Let’s live as noble as they died,” on the north side – “Do not walk in sorrow, but with pride.” The park is very popular both among tourists and citizens. It’s nice to walk or just sit on a bench.

Calgary, which main par you see in live camera – is one of the largest cities in province of Alberta (Canada). Rocky Mountains are located in the west of the city and in the east lie huge wheat fields. In the south of the city is a border with the American state of Montana. The city in live footage is famous for winter sports and ski resorts, which are located near the city and in metropolitan area.  In 1988, here were held the XV Winter Olympic Games, after which Calgary you see in webcam gained world fame. The Olympic facilities were built so successfully that even now they perform as the existing sports arenas. Residents respect the objects of the Winter Olympics in 1988, as well as everything related to sports. In the west of the city is located the Olympic Park, the Museum of Olympic Glory, the Athletic Ice Complex and the ski jump.

As such, there is no historical center in Calgary in the live stream. The city is young that you can see on webcam, and actively building new skyscrappers out of glass and steel located in the center of Downtown, which rise right in the middle of the prairie, against the backdrop of the mountains. Picturesque landscapes, excellent climate and developed infrastructure make Calgary in the live broadcast one of the most attractive cities in North America. Stephen Avenue (8 Ave SW) is the main pedestrian alley in Calgary. There are shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, cinemas and nightclubs. The street ends with a large Olympic square. Summer time, on the square online there are located fountains and also festive events are held here, winter time it turns into a central city ice rink. On the South of Stephen Avenue stands the 190-meter high Calgary Tower, on top of which is set an Olympic torch. There are practically no separate shops on the streets of Calgary in the online camera.  They are concentrated in various shopping centers or shopping areas. Eaton – is an attractive place for shopping. There you can find brand boutiques, shops, supermarkets, souvenir shops and several large department stores. On the fourth floor of this monumental complex you can find Devonian Gardens with exotic plants and mini waterfalls.


Calgary with webcam have a rich cultural life. There are more than 500 churches, many theaters and cinemas, monuments, historical buildings, exhibition halls, ballet and operas theaters and other cultural institutions. The city has many theme parks: Fort Calgary Historical Park, Olympic Park, Galaway Park, and several zoos. Calgary in live camera in its time was given the status of the Cleanest City in the world. If you want to drink clean water, breathe fresh air and look at the blue sky, then this is a right place for you. Calgary showed online annually hosts many festivals: the International Film Festival, the Folk Music Festival, Comedy Festival, Greek Festival, International Festival of Writers, Lilac Festival, Festival of the outskirts of Calgary, and many other cultural and ethnic festivals. Calgary with the live stream is known as the city of Indians and cowboys. Here you will feel the spirit of the Wild West, especially during the annual Cowboy Festival, when all citizens are shrouded in cowboy hats, leather chapsy (pants) and Plaid shirts. The most spectacular part of this holiday is the competition of riders who must as long as possible stay on the unbroken horse, tame the mustang and lash the lasso on an angry bull.

Nightlife in Calgary, well visible in the online camera, as well as sports, is very rich and never fades. In the city are opened various night clubs, discos, pubs and sport bars. 150 kilometers from Calgary in this webcam is located the Canada’s oldest national park Banff. It is a favorite tourist destination for all Canadians and the main attraction of the province of Alberta. High-altitude landscapes, ice fields, coniferous forests, ski slopes invariably attract tourists.

Definitely you need to see national parks on the island of Prince Edward, Jasper Park with its glaciers, lakes and hot springs, the Fraser River Canyon and the famous Ice fields. Also, you can have a walk or picnic in one of the city parks, for example, in a Provincial Park, Fish Creek Park, nose Hill, Inglvudskom bird sanctuary, etc. And children will come to the indescribable delight when they visit the Dinosaur Park.


In Calgary with  live stream there are almost all parks have strictly designated areas for sporting events and picnics. Therefore, before planning a vacation, it is better to specify in advance whether the chosen place is an authorized area for setting up tents and building campfires. It is important to note that cleanliness and order are maintained very carefully not only in parks, but also in the whole city, therefore, large fines are stipulated for violation of established rules.



Rains are rear in this area (more often in the spring), and snow can go at any time of the year, even in summer. Calgary you see online is in a zone of temperate continental climate with a long, dry, cold but unstable winter and a short, moderately warm summer. The most interesting and unusual climatic features of Calgary in live footage is the chinook (“snow eater”) – a dry and warm wind that can instantly raise the temperature at 20° C and turn the winter into spring. The average summer temperature fluctuates around +20° C, and winter time-7° C. Thanks to the temperate climate of Calgary, you can visit it at any time of the year. The city is one of the sunniest places in Canada – the sun on average shines here 2400 hours a year.

Weather forecast in Calgary for 7 dats is available on our website online.


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