Sensō-ji temple

Tokyo , Japan
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Sensō-ji Temple

This live webcam shows the magnificent ancient temple of the Sho kannon Buddhist school – Sensō-ji, located in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. The full name of the temple is Konryuzan Sensō-ji.

In the foreground, the live camera shows the Hōzōmon internal entrance gate leading to the Sensō-ji Temple. They hold many of the temple’s treasures, including two Niō statues, three lanterns, and two huge traditional sandals.

Sensō-ji, where the live stream comes from, is the oldest temple in the capital of Japan and one of the most visited spiritual sites in the world. This is the temple of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Sho-Kanzeon Bosatsu), personifying the compassion of all the Buddhas.

The sacral construction in this webcam was built in 942. It was last rebuilt in 1964. The height of the temple is 22.7 m, width – 21 m, and depth – 8 m.

Before World War II, the Sensō-ji in this live stream belonged to the Tendai School, but the temple burned down during the bombing. After the war, the shire online, was rebuilt to symbolize peace and prosperity. Behind the main building of the holy site there are small shrines erected in honor of those who participated in the restoration of Sensō-ji in the web camera.

For many centuries, the central gate of the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is considered the symbol of the area – the main entrance to the temple in this online camera. They represent a grandiose structure of Buddhist architecture with large paper lanterns painted in red and black (lightning and storm clouds). Inside the courtyard in this live stream, there are five beautiful pagodas, as well as the main hall, created in honor of the Bodhisattva Kannon. The second floor is occupied by a treasury with ancient Chinese sutras. Behind the gates, on the territory of the shrine, there are souvenir shops.

Visitors of the temple, showed in real time, certainly pass a purification ceremony: washing their hands and fumigating them with incense. Before starting to pray, they should clap the hands twice, thus notifying the gods of their presence. After that, they need to bow and throw a coin: only then it is allowed to turn to them with a request.

In the center of the Sensō-ji temple hall, the gates of which you see in the online broadcast, there are special cards: guests can try their luck. If a negative card falls out, the visitor leaves it in the temple, if the answer is positive, he takes it with him.

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