Square of Roses

Cēsis , Latvia
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Rose Square

There is the Rose Square (Rožu Laukums) in that webcam, one of the oldest squares in Cēsis, located in its old part, near the St. John’s Church and the Livonian Order Castle.

The Square of Roses, which is broadcasting in live mode, was first mentioned in the 13th century and was called Market Square, where there were a city market. In ancient times, there were a shameful pillar and a well on the square. Now its place is occupied by the Chinese house.

After reconstruction in 2008 – 2009, Rožu Laukums in this webcam became a real important attraction of Cēsis and a popular holiday destination for locals and visitors. During Christmas, an elegant Christmas tree appears on Rose Square for the New Year celebration.


Cēsis, the main square of which is visible in a live stream camera, is the ancient city of Latvia dating back more than 800 years. In the past, Cēsis had the status of the central city of Livonia, and nowadays it is an important cultural settlement of the country.

The city of Cēsis with the online broadcast on Baltic Live Cam website is rich in historical, architectural and natural attractions. Tourists are very interested in excursions to Old Town of Cēsis, Cēsis New castle and Cēsis medieval castle.

Of the popular natural holiday destinations in Cēsis online, the Cīrulīši nature trails deserve attention, while walking along them you can see the ancient valley of the Gauja River, along which there are filigree wooden villas telling about life in this old city centuries ago. Do not miss the opportunity to see the Red Rocks (Sarkanās Klintis) and the Rūcamavots spring.

It is also interesting to see the wooden villas of Baltica, Carola, Henriette.

The real pearls of Cēsis architecture and history, which center see in the online camera, are St. John Church, Cēsis Medieval castle and the Cēsis New castle, mentioned earlier.

A visit to Ruckas Muiža estate complex and park, created in the 18th century, will add a special character to the trip to Cēsis in that webcam. Here you can look at the center of artisans and artists.

In Cēsis with Rose Square shown in an online camera there are a lot of cultural events that have been held since ancient times. For example, every summer the city hosts the Cēsis festival of contemporary art, when guests attend many cultural and art events: exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances.

On Medieval Days of Cēsis visitors plunge into the medieval way of life, competing in ancient games and everyday activities, get acquainted with medieval cuisine, watch knight fights, listen to old music and dance.

In summer, the Castle Park stage invites to concerts and interesting musical performances.

In winter, Cēsis, where the live webcam is located, invites to the popular ski centers: “Žagarkalns” and “Ozolkalns”.

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